Call Of Duty Co-Creator Jason West Has Left His New Studio

Jason West, a co-creator of Call of Duty and co-founder of video game studio Respawn Entertainment, has left the company he helped found, two sources have informed Kotaku. The departure was amicable.

West, who left because of family issues, has been gone since last May, according to one reliable source who asked not to be named.

West, along with fellow Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella, helped found the studio Infinity Ward back in 2002. As a subsidiary of Activision, Infinity Ward turned their first-person shooter series Call of Duty into a worldwide phenomenon. West and Zampella were fired from the studio in 2010.

In recent years, West and Zampella were tangled up in a massive lawsuit involving Activision, EA, and possible subterfuge.

According to our reliable source, West has been gone since the lawsuit was settled in May of 2012.

West has not been involved with the development of Respawn's first game, which will be published by EA. Respawn has teased that they'll show it off at this year's E3 in June.

We reached out to Respawn Entertainment, but they would not comment.


    Whoa. That's... weird. Their split from Infinity Ward was strange enough but this is just all kinds if strange, especially that it's been kept quiet until now.

    If true. /disclaimer

    Which is probably is.

      Maybe he just had enough of the dudebro attention that goes with his professional rep...

      It does say "for family reasons". So probably more 'unfortunate' than 'strange'. Not sure I'd want to be spreading the news about any family issue that caused me to not be working for over 9 months...

        'Family reasons' is the catch all explanation for any situation in which you don't want people to know the real reason. It's basically a 'dont ask questions' explanation and most people don't because its considered intrusive.

          Or maybe he genuinely has family issues..

    Well we haven't seen anything from this new studio anyway, it's like they don't exist and he's still only just left Activision.

    Could well be he just woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and said "hey, I have 200 million dollars. Screw working!"

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