Chinese Teen Pretends Life Is League Of Legends

Video games are great for relieving tension and stress; sometimes playing is like a great escape from reality. However, for some people, it's hard to return back to reality after a long gaming session. One young man in China took his love for League of Legends a little too far.

It's unknown when this story was first broadcasted, but it appeared on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo yesterday. The image, a screenshot of China Central Television's news show (CCTV). The telecast showed a LOL player in cosplay and then something hiding in a bush.

The story broadcasted provided the context. Basically, a 16-year-old boy was playing LOL. After a two-day binge, the young lad left the internet cafe early in the morning. It's unknown why, but he suddenly decided to run onto a grass field, found a stick and started wailing on passersby. He did it all while screaming "for Demarcia".

According to other Chinese media, one bystander said, "thank god he wasn't level 6 other wise this would've turned out ugly."

The case of this 16-year-old wasn't the only story involving game worlds jumping into the real world. In Fuzhou, Fujian province two 16-year-olds were arrested for carrying a bladed weapons in a bar. It was reported that the young men were playing a Chinese online game called Soul Medicine.

Seeing characters in the game carry bayonets, the young men, named Yang and Xu, thought it was cool, so they decided to carry a knife like the characters did in game. They were spotted by a bar patron and reported the police.

It's lucky that no one got seriously hurt from these delusional teenagers, well, save a few bumps on the head by the kid screaming "for Demarcia". Let's hope these kids get some help learning the difference between video games and reality.

[蹲草丛坑人成习惯?一16岁男孩通宵玩LOL走火入魔] [ People's Daily] [少年腰挂军用刺刀逛酒吧 自称玩网游走火入魔] [Sina Weibo via TTMop]


    Kids these days.... Don't they know DotA 2 is more leet?

      DOTA is naught but a training ground for HoN.

    After playing League of Legends for 2 days... you realize how stupid and retarded people in this world are. I'm not surprised he beat the shit out of someone with a stick.

    Broadcasted? Really?

      Yeah, that made me sigh as well, but apparently it's legitimate along with costed and casted... Hopefully it's just an American thing because it just looks wrong.

    It would of been better if he had brought mushrooms and tried to be teemo.

    Great story though...

    Last edited 26/03/13 10:44 pm

    Read your stuff before you publish it, or at least get a sub-editor to look at it.

    Hmmm which Warwick skin is that?

      Grey Warwick!! Best in my opinion. But only through Season 2 refer a friend from memory!

        Cool. No wonder it doesn't seem familiar. Thanks :) And yea. Definitely the best one for me too though Big Bad Warwick's a close contender for me XD

        Last edited 27/03/13 11:53 pm

    This is a thing now? Awesome, time to whip out the Zed cosplay.

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