Civilization V's Newest Expansion Pack Will Take You To A Brave New World

Civilization V's second expansion pack, dubbed Brave New World, brings a sharper focus on culture and diplomacy, with new civilizations, wonders and more. Yes, more!

Civilization V: Brave New World features nine new civilisations with new leaders, such as Casimir III of Poland. It also includes new game scenarios, such as a "Scramble for Africa" as well as a Civil War themed "War Between the States". What's more, there are international trade routes that can bring money and spread religion, science, and your cultural influence. Brave New World introduces eight new Wonders that include the Uffizi, the Parthenon and Broadway.

As your culture goes global, you can dominate other cultures and even win a Cultural Victory by securing a majority influence over all the other civilisations.

There's even a World Congrees that can level trade sanctions against other countries and decide things like international sport competition and nuclear weapons. With this World Congress, Brave New World has a new Diplomatic Victory.

Civilization V: Brave New World will be out later this year for Mac and Windows PC.


    YES! I've been waiting for a world congress forever!

      That was a feature I missed most from Civ 4. Civ 5 UN was near useless.

    So the stuff that was already in Civ IV? I thought I was playing wrong when trying to go for a cultural victory but I see it was being held back in favour of DLC. Ugh.

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