Cloud From Final Fantasy VII Sure Looks Pretty With Make Up

Cloud Strife is one good-looking video game character. He really is. Dude's got spiky hair, piercing eyes and nice threads. But what if he wore cosmetics? What would he look like?

On Twitter, a FFVII diehard answered that question by applying makeup to the swordsman's face, noting that the character looked very feminine.

Male Final Fantasy protagonists looking feminine? Madness!

そしてクラウドにメイクしてみたら普通に女子 [@sano_hzk]


    Are these the kind of burning questions that are asked in the depths of the fanfic FF7 forums?

    Last edited 02/03/13 9:36 am

      Only part of it. The full question I believe is "What would a FFVII character look like it their makeup was ruined by being smeared with the various bodily fluids of the other characters?"

        Well played Sir.............well played.

        You sir, are a genius.

        The lady I'm currently working with just looked at me expecting me to share the joke. She's not nerdy in the slightest and I have no clue how to begin explaining this...

    So that's what Cloud looks like when he cross dresses to get inside Don Corneo's mansion. Creepy.

    So it's basically turns him into Lightning? What a surprise. /sarcasm

    Cloud is badass. What's all this makeup crap?

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      He's trying to sneak into Don Corneo's mansion, duh!

    Never stop disappointing, internet sub-basement slashfic writers.

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