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Step right up... it's Community Kudos!

A little light on noms this week, but that's fine — it's quality, not quantity. Especially when Cakesmith drops in the MEGA NOMS. It's been a while since he's sent in a kudos email, but he sure made up for it...

Cakesmith Man, it's been way too long since I've sent in Kudos noms.
Here we go!
For reasons: AlexPants Rocketman Batgirl
For Potaku work: ShiggyNinty Doc_What? Powalen AlexPants
For Worlds Greatest Shave: ShiggyNinty Doc_What? AlexPants Shane Blaghman Everyone who donated
For not being my dad but wishing he was my dad: Uncle Freeze
For Kotaku comments: Trjn Kermitron
And my final nom:

I think that's all.

Top stuff.
And you know what> Cakesmith himself got a couple of noms himself. In fact, the first nom of the week was sent for him.

Matthew J Hellscream HI MARK!
Cakesmith gets my nom this week. He knows what for ;) If he had done it last month, it would have been illegal!

I was totally trying to think what this illegal thing could be — then I though, 'aahhhh... R18+. Must be.

Next nom for Cakesmith came from Shiggy.

ShiggyNinty Firstly, want to nominate Powalen and Cakesmith for help setting up a Minecraft server!
Secondly I want to thank everyone who is either taking part, donated or helped support us in our World's Greatest Shave Appeal. We ended up raising over $2000 which is massive and it makes me happy people donated to a great cause!

Thanks Shiggy, for the noms and the opportunity to segue.

The world's greatest shave is a thing that loads of you seemed to be taking part in, and it appears as though people started shaving today! That goes especially for Blaghman who actually actually shaved his hair today! Just over an hour ago!

Apparently Shane, Blaghman, Cakesmith, Shiggy Ninty, AlexPants and Doc What all took part. Shane and Blaghman were the first to do the shave! I expect we'll have more pics in time for next week's CK!

But yeah... here's Blaghman's before and after!

These guys all raised $2000, which is a great achievement. Amazing job guys! Apparently there's going to be a video about the whole process. Can't wait!

Doc What This week I nominate Shane, Tofu, Blaghman and Cakesmith for joining Shiggy, Pants and myself in shaving our heads for charity and being incentives for people to get us up to, and beyond, the $2,000 mark (TWICE our original goal).
Shane and Blaghs ( have already done the deed with the four of us following on Sunday. There will be a video.
I'd also like to thank EVERYONE who helped us out. Both financially and morally.

Alright, time for some quickfire noms...

Jimu I NOM
For the sweet box of Maxx comics I STILL haven't picked up from my mate's place /o

Strange Sir Serrels,
@35 gets my plea for Kudos this week.

Today is a proud day. I got a nom. Usually if I get a nom I just don't mention it or delete them, because I'm obviously ineligible for noms. But I really, really deserved this one. There was a terrible, terrible Game of Thrones spoiler in a Kotaku post today. I took a bullet, read it and then deleted it. I got spoiled. I got spoiled so you guys and girls could live in spoiler free paradise.

Greenius number30five and jimu for putting spoiler warnings in TAY for articles and comments that had them. And a nom for you (Mark Serrelius) for taking one for the team and spoiling yourself to moderate a comment!
Sughly, Powalen, Phoenix, masha2932 - Survivor club!
10 billion anti-noms for D.C. for not watching Survivor or liking Dark Souls... I don't even...

Seriously D.C. — you don't like Dark Souls? You don't like Dark Souls?

Tigerion wins today's 'big ass noms' award.

Tigerion I recently had the pleasure of spending sometime with the wonderful Qlds taybies which included a trip to dreamworld. Everyone made us feel really welcome so it was hard to limit noms but a few choice selections
Freeze for being an all round great guy, organising the meat, providing advice and recommendations as well as driving us about 250 km while we were up. Mrs Freeze for opening their house (and frog tank) to us. Nob for helping me find my courage. Strange for shopping recommendations and not being embarrassed to say you were at Chicabooti (unlike some people). DC for being awesome and keeping my wife company when we all know he really wanted to go on the ride and not because he is a scaredy cat at all. Also for hangoing out with us in Brisbane as well. Everybody who came to dreamworld as well as the brisbies who took time out on their lunch break so i could meat them.
And a first time nom from Mrs Tigs for Master Strange for all the sweet compliments.

Alright — I'm going to refrain from letting the greatest shave guys win, mainly because I'm sure there'll be noms next week once we all start to see everyone's baldy heads next week!

So, today's Community Kudos goes to Cakesmith — for stuff he did that wasn't greatest shave related! Congrats!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

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    Congrats Cakesmith! Greenius' anti-noms feel just as good as the regular kind. (Thanks for the nom too Tigerion, but I totally didn't go on that ride so I wouldn't be included in a D.C. vomited at Dreamworld write-up. :P) Congrats to all the nominees. Best damn people ever!


      Also was excellent meeting Tigerion and Mrs. Tigerion. You guys are awesome!

    I am dissatisfied with these tags.

    hahah that oprah pic is gold! Almost looks as though it was framed that way to say "Oprah's fat"

    Also congrats to cakey boy!! WIN!

    Well done smither of cakes
    Also that pic of Blaghs is monstrous, what do you mean which one?

    EDIT: Also I got an award, wow I'm as proud as that time I got the achievement award at little athletics

    Last edited 15/03/13 6:59 pm

    Congratulations Cakesmith.

    Stay awesome everyone

    Yay Cake! It wasn't just Kompletely R18+ related, it's also Mortal Kombat related!

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