Could You Live In An Internet Cafe For Six Years? This Guy Has (And Continues To Do So)

Two months sounds like a long time to live at an internet cafe to game, but it pales in comparison to the story of one "Li Meng", a university graduate who has spent the last "five or six years" playing games at a cafe in China.

This Business Insider story points out the following article on Chinese news site Xinhau, which details the man's unusual existence. According to the article, Li Meng has lived at the cafe near Jilin University in north-eastern China for some six years, the only interludes involving hygiene or sustenance.

While "Li Meng" is a pseudonym, it is mentioned he was born in 1983 and is from Hebei province. The game (or games) that Li Meng finds so compelling fail to make an appearance, but his living conditions and routine do. From Business Insider:

"As he talked to our reporter, his gaze was locked to the computer screen, the plastic bag containing his dinner open by his side. He has a monthly income of RMB2000 ($322), of which 500 ($80) is paid as a fee to the cafe every month."

Others at the cafe seemed a little worried about him. "He generally comes at night to play the game, gets sleepy during the day and sleeps here. From time to time will be out to take a bath."

Now, when I got a shiny new 42" LCD back in 2008, I'm ashamed to admit I spent a couple of weeks sleeping on the living room couch with my laptop hooked up via HDMI, so I could work and watch videos at the same time.

Eventually I got back into my normal routine of, well, not being a literal couch potato, but six years sleeping, eating and gaming at an internet cafe?

One has to wonder what keeps him glued to the screen.

Chinese Gamer Has Spent The Past 6 Years In An Internet Cafe [Business Insider Australia]

Image: Glen / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0


    bluxwave electron = in front of his computer the same way scince quake (1996)

    good ol internet

      and if you want to take it back to consoles well then back to 1985

    Yet more fake news stories from China.

      There's 1.3 billion people living there, not to mention an incredibly different culture. You'd be surprised.

    "what keeps him glued to the screen."

    if he's interested in anything game related then not kotaku, of that we can be sure.

    $80 a month for rent? I'll do that.

      me too lol, even in China that's cheap.

    Where does he keep or wash his clothes? Where does he go for these baths? How does he obtain his income? I have questions!

    @Fat The article never actually says, but I'd assume he has something like a suit-case and uses public laundromats and bath-houses. He likely earns money by gold farming/selling equipment on MMOs.

    Last edited 02/04/13 10:33 am

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