Cyberpunk Might Hit You With Other Languages, Which You'll Need To Translate In-Game

Developers CD Projekt RED are considering something for the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 that I really hope makes it into the final game: the idea of having people in the game all speak their native tongue.

An example given by CD Projekt RED's Sebastian Stepien is that, even if the game's set to "English", if you come across Mexicans in the game, they'll be speaking Spanish. If you wanted to understand them, you'd need to use a "transplanting implant", and the quality of the translation you received would depend on the level of the implant.

Some might see this is a pain, but come on. The gains you'd get in immersion in the world would surely outweigh that. I can't be the only person on Earth to think it's weird that everybody in Western gaming either speaks English with an American accent or, if they're foreign/evil, English with a British accent.

Be nice to see some genuine variety in there. And, dare I say it about a game called Cyberpunk, a little realism at the same time. - Co z lokalizacją Cyberpunk 2077? [dubscorepl, via PC Gamer]


    I swear I read an article on here late last week about this already.

    I think this point has been made before; but if they implement this system it can only work for irrelevant dialog. Otherwise, if you don't have the translater, you miss out on the dialog; or it would end up like assassins creed 3; where you have excessive subtitles (annoying considering that game already had a premise for auto translate in previous games) and the occasional random word from another language from an extra, which means nothing to anyone. Quite frankly, it would not be that hard (or take that much from the plot) to invent a plot point so they they have it from the beginning and ignore the whole thing.
    I would much prefer they use their resources on slightly more interesting things.
    But maybe I'm wrong. It's totally possible that they could make it work really well; but its hard not to be a sceptic at this point.

    This seems really familiar...

    Yeah thats because you linked the same article....

    This is the one you are looking for

    Hitman blood money has done this, and its works. Because when you are stopped by someone yelling at you in Spanish, you are so clueless, your tension flies to the roof. Its crippled by the crappy character animations so you couldn't really read body language, but still a very nice touch.

    That's a great idea, and if there is one team that can pull this off it will be CD Projekt RED

    If it gets me a chance to talk to sexy cyborg girl, then prep me for surgery!

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