Daenerys Demands To Know Who 'Wins' The Game Of Thrones

You don't mess with Daenerys Targaryen when she wants something. And she wants to know who the heck wins the Game of Thrones.

Or well, Emilia Clarke, the actor behind Daenerys, wants to know. According to Metro News, she's so adamant about learning who wins the game of thrones, she's begged George R.R. Martin to tell her. And she's gotten the men behind the show drunk too, just to see if they'll spill.

‘I've said to George ‘come on, tell me who wins, please!' And he thinks I'm joking and I say, ‘no, no, I'm deadly serious!'' she gushed. ‘His lips are sealed. And I'm sure that David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] know but they don't tell anyone –I've got them drunk and they still wouldn't tell me.

‘I've been pleading with them, ‘tell me who wins!' And they won't say a word. They're under lock and key. ! But I care passionately about what happens to Dany. How could I not?'

No dice! But if she was really serious about finding out who wins she'd have sicked dragons on George R.R. Martin already. I mean, cmon. It's what Daenerys would do.

Emilia Clarke: I beg Game Of Thrones creators to tell me who wins [Metro News via The Mary Sue]


    wow, guess she knows nothing about the story, it really doesn't matter who wins, it's all the stories combining and the politics involved
    when you know who has won, what's the point then
    also G.R.R probably has no idea either way considering it's taken him this long

    The GAME of thrones is like the Kobayashi Maru, it's a no-win scenario unless you reprogram the test to drop the enemies shields and shoot first.

    I don't think even George knows yet

      With the rate he's going, I sure hope he's gonna fare better than Robert Jordan...

        He's said he's aware of the concerns that he'd "do a Jordan". I daresay he's at least planned and made extensive notes on how the end is going to play out, just in case.

          Jordan also planned out and made extensive notes. And his ending was pretty solid (not amazing but not a disappointment).

          Jordan > R.R. Martin any day.

    This is why I found it odd they called the HBO series "A Game of Thrones" seeing as (if they intend to cover the entire series of books) the story they're basing it on **Really minor spoiler** really stops being about who gets the iron throne in the third book (So this season) anyway.

    That said, I'm still waiting to see how things in westeros turn out in its conclusion...Including who will finally rein undisputed on the Iron Throne....if that even happens.

      Actually they droped the indefinate article for the TV show: it's just "Game of Thrones". I haven't read the books and this still irritates me slightly for some reason.

    In the end, I'm betting it ends up being John Snow. I dunno. I just have this feeling.

      Maybe. In book 6:

      He bloody well better still be alive. Him and Tyrion are the only sensible, likable ones still alive and Tyrion seems to be miraculously surviving every thirty pages, which is getting on my nerves.

        Well I bloody well hope so. One does not simply KILL Peter Dinkelage.

        Last edited 06/03/13 10:16 pm

          Apparently you can't even cut off his nose.

            LOL well, there's not that much of him to cut off now is there!

            Made you look!

            Last edited 06/03/13 10:39 pm

              Yes you did. Also I read all the spoilers in this thread and consider and consider nothing spoilt.

                I know, but some people get very very touchy about spoilers etc... especially the part about Tyrion riding the dragons to Hyrule...

                  That's cool, better safe than sorry and all that. But it makes me so damn curious with the little "show spoiler" button I just can't help myself.

    "You don’t mess with Daenerys Targaryen when she wants something."
    Yeah, going up against the Mary-Sue isn't likely to end well for you.


    The three heads of the dragon will drive back the winter and these are Daenerys, Tyrion and Jon Snow.

      You're almost certainly right about Jon being he is of targaryen decent but tyrion doesn't seem likely to be the third head, he will be an important part of her rule but unlikely to be her consort.

        He's making a pretty good bee-line for Daenerys, and he dreamed of riding a Dragon as a boy.. He's my pick anyway.

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          It makes sense. Jon was almost certainly born of Rheagar, Dany is obvious, and Tyrions dragon dreams might suggest that hes at least part Targ. Even if it makes sense, i hope it isnt the case. Cant stand Dany and Jon, i know theyre important and blah blah but i wish George would throw a curveball at us and kill em off. A real death, not the Jon getting stabbed drama or Catelyn Zombie 3000.

    This isn't news.

    I'll give you this for free: the winner ain't Dany.
    Plus, "three dragons" is a shorthand way of saying "two expendable dragons, plus another one".
    It would thematically shortchange the series if the winner was anyone who we cared about, who deserved it, or who had actively tried to get it in any way.

      I disagree that having a character we care about win would "thematically shortchange the series". I'm not saying hollywood happy ending style is particularly satisfying, but sometimes everything turning to shit for everyone of note is about as good as the and-it-was-all-just-a-dream endings. A good ending done well is rare but very satisfying, IMO.

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