Delver's Drop Promises Endless Zelda-Style Action

If you were to describe a game to me using the words Secret of Mana, Rogue and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, you would immediately pique my interest. That's exactly what happened last weekend at PAX East when I saw Delver's Drop — a recently Kickstarted, indie, action RPG from small development studio Pixelscopic.

Check out the video we shot above for a quick walkthrough with Pixelscopic's Ryan Baker and to see the game's Infinite Drop mode in action.

Delver's Drop is slated for release this October on PC, Mac and Linux, with iOS, Android and Ouya versions to be released in 2014.


    Damn, no consoles or handhelds :(

      They were planning a port as one of the stretch goals but it never got enough backing to get there.

        Bum, maybe if it's successful enough later...maybe...

    I don't like the movements....too slippery, not as controlled as Zelda was.

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