Developers Want $250,000 To Make DRM-Free Clone Of SimCity

A team of developers is looking to make a singleplayer city-building game that seems like the anti-SimCity. It's asking for $US250,000 on Kickstarter to make it happen.

Called Civitas, the project promises to be a SimCity clone that you can actually play offline, which might come as welcome news to fans burned by the recent launch disaster.

As the developers write:

Out of all of the possible types of games our fledgling studio could pick as our first project, why did we pick a city simulation title as our first effort?

Easy, it was out of a combination of how much we loved some of the original city simulation games back in the early PC days and our displeasure with the direction the new SimCity has taken under the iron fist of EA. We don't agree with the removal of single player, the lack of terraforming, lack of modding, and above all them forcing the worst form of draconian DRM on its players known as the "Always On-line" requirement. They are seriously not going to let you play their game if you aren't online. Anyone that has ever been forced to play under that DRM knows how terrible it is. Not only can your internet access stop you from playing, if EA is having any server issues (Yeah those never happen right?) you'll get a nice fat error message instead of your game starting. Forget playing while travelling or anything. This is not a good recipe for a simulation game. EA should really just rename it SimFarmVille and get it over with.


Civitas - Plan, develop, and manage the city of your dreams! [Kickstarter — thanks Dazza!]


    Looks legit..

    I'll look at it after it launches, but I'm not going to fund its kickstarter campaign. City sim games are quite difficult to nail, with the constant trade-offs of complex simulation vs available computing power, and it looks like none of their team has any prior experience in developing sim games at all. I'm sure they'll get plenty of support, capitalising on dissatisfaction with SimCity's launch as they're doing, but my instinct is telling me to wait and see on this one.

      Indeed. I've made comments on there, backing for $1 to see how things pan out. At this stage it really seems like vapourware to me.. too many things aren't adding up. There've been a number of Kickstarter projects that ended up being basically scams lately and while there are a few credible things about this one, there are just as many worriesome things about this one to make it uncertain whether it is a legit game.

      So far they've only really shown a video of terrain sculpting.. and that kind of stuff can be made with a free copy of the Unity engine (or other similar game development app) in half a day..

      Will keep an eye on it.. but even with their last update, I can't see myself fully backing this one yet.

        Indeed. Call me paranoid? I'm pretty sure that 'Civitas' screenshot there is actually a screenshot from THE SIMS with a few overlays on it, the one with the road, land and water...

        Infact I'm VERY sure now.

        Don't waste your dollar, it's a con.

      Good to see someone interested that actually does their research left alive on the internet (along with the other commenters)

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