Don't Expect The Next Dragon Age Or Mass Effect On Wii U

Last year, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said his company wasn't worried about third-party publishers shying away from the Wii U. The Wii had its issues, yes, but Fils-Aime promised that history wouldn't repeat itself.

"What I would tell you is that, fundamentally, the reason certain games didn't make it to the Wii was because, first, the developer or publisher had invested in art at an HD level," Fils-Aime told Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo last June. "For them to rework that art to an SD level was a cost they were unwilling to accept. Second, that the online capabilities especially for in-game purchase, or things of that nature, [were things] they viewed it as a key part of their business model, which the Wii didn't support. Looking to the future, both of those issues have been solved with the Wii U."

Except... the issues haven't been solved. Because it's looking like Nintendo's third-party woes ain't ending any time soon. The majority of this year's games? Not on Wii U. Big next-gen games like The Witcher 3 and the Thief reboot? Not on Wii U.

And now, officially announced this week, the next Battlefield shooter is — you're never gonna guess this — not on Wii U.

"We right now don't have support for the Wii U in the Frostbite engine," Battlefield 4 lead Patrick Bach told Eurogamer at GDC. "It's about, where do you put your focus? And the Wii U is not a part of our focus right now."

But wait, there's more! Battlefield 4 is published by EA, and EA owns BioWare. And BioWare's big upcoming RPGs, as studio general manager Aaryn Flynn confirmed last night, will run on the Frostbite 3 engine. Which doesn't support Wii U.

So although Mass Effect 3 was a Wii U launch game, the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age probably won't make it to Nintendo's system. If you like those kind of games, you'll probably want to stick with the next Xbox or the PS4.

This is all really too bad: as my fellow Wii U owners can attest, Nintendo's latest console is a nice piece of hardware with some great features. But history, as expected, is repeating itself once again.


    Nintendo - always one generation behind.

    Isnt this because Nintendo refused to integrate Origin into the Wii U?

    Does that mean EA can bully sony and microsoft to integrate origin? Well i hope sony and microsoft both have the balls to stand up to EA. I mean look what EA did to Simcity. Look what they did to steam (removing all support and forcing players to get origin to buy their games). I certainly dont want to support a company like EA (anymore) the way it is today, being voted the worst company in the US in the last few years. It certainly deserves that title.

    Am i disappointed? Of course, and this will be a blow for Nintendo. I still could get it on PC if i wanted to but for me i will no longer buy any EA software till they get their act together.

      Its always back to Origin. I think you would find the answer even simpler in the fact that the engine doesn't support the Wii U like the guy said rather than some insane conspiracy theory about how ea wants to originify all the consoles

        Of course it was a rumour, but from the things EA are doing now - especially forcing online for the recent SimCity i wont push it past EA to force things on companies to try to get their way.

        Your implying the game wont run on Wii U? Thats nonsense. If they worked on putting the game on the Wii U they could. If they could put it on the ps3 and 360 they definitely could have put it on the Wii U. If it was because the small launch userbase of the Wii U then sure i could understand them not putting it on the Wii U.

      Click on the eurogamer link above and the reason is revealed!

      But that's not necessarily true. . . you'd find that the Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted U (if you can find a copy) actually has you register and log into Origin in order to utilise all the online features. So if EA can do it with one game, why can't they do it for all their other upcoming titles, there has to be another reason.

      As I stated very late in the 'How well is the Wii U selling in Australia' article, it's not just EA, rumours are stating that Grand Theft Auto 5 and the new Metal Gear Solid title will not grace Nintendo's console either, add to that The Witcher 3, the upcoming Thief game, the next Far Cry, Resident Evil 6, Dead Space and Crysis. . . and that a fair chunk of AAA rated games Publishers don't want to risk porting to the Wii U.

      I've also heard Rumours that Activision Blizzard are not certain about the Wii U either, could explain why Diablo 3 isn't slated to come to Wii U (not that that is a big loss to anyone. . .) but if this is true you could also say goodbye to any true Call of Duty titles coming to the console as well. . .

    Oh for crying out loud, it's just one publisher! A publisher that everyone hates. And this is so damn simple to fix, you just need a single successful third party game. Nothing more nothing else. I mean, it's not like Sony ever had a great launch or a great first year for ps1/2/3. People need to calm down.

      So true, and still its sales are far greater then the 360/PS3 in their first 12 months, yet it doomed like the Dreamcast. It's getting do tiring with all these articles on the Wii U doom, when its only four months old, and yet with greater sales in a shorter time. It has slowed but as soon as some AAA 1P titles come out it will be a killer. Expect the same sales on the new Xbox/PS 4-6 months out of launch.

      But I again ask of this site will you publish as much negativity of the two new consoles after 3-6 months launch? I bet not.

    As if EA has any games worth buying these days.... Maybe not having bland, uninspired, generic, disappointing turds like Battlefield, Mass Effect and Dragon Age shitting up more consoles is a good thing.

    Can I just point out that what that statement means is that they haven't yet bothered to include compatibility with the Wii U's programming, not because it's completely incompatible. So I wouldn't speak of doom and gloom just yet, by the time these games are ready for release maybe they'll have taken steps to include compatibility.

    Also, claiming "The majority of this year’s games? Not on Wii U." then linking an article that only lists games releasing up until May at the absolute latest is pretty unfair because that's just games in the first half of the year, not to mention you completely ignore the fact that Nintendo has tons of first-party content coming along soon, including a new Mario, Mario Kart, and the Wind Waker remake.

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    Im not surprised, after playing a few wiiu games, Its easy to see that its behind the other 2

    I really wanted to get a WiiU.. i really did.
    It's a shame something as great as the WiiU could be left with so little games to choose from.

    Wait till you see what happens with the next consoles. If the PS4 is like the previous Playstations, it won't have any games for like 6 months.

    Dissapointing in the sense that the more news like this the less people will buy a Wii U. Seems like another generation of 1st party titles only to look forward to. I know it's early days, but seriously....doesn't seem like anything is going to improve.

    This is coming from someone who owns a Wii U and loves the console. I'd like nothing more than it to succeed......I really only want one console this gen, but more and more it seems that wont be the case.

    EA is evil and there pick at every thing about the Wii U its a great piece of hardware and Nintendo have never looked at the Graphics side of game now they do and all the company's are just being bi-est to Nintendo.

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