Don't Worry, God Of War Won't Run Out Of Deities To Beat Up Anytime Soon

There have been five God of War games. In each one, Kratos slaughters his way through significant portions of the Greco-Roman pantheon. Wow, you might say, is there anybody left for the Ghost of Sparta to be mad at? Yeah, there is.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, God of Ascension lead combat designer Jason McDonald and lead game designer Mark Simon say that the Sony Santa Monica team has plenty of material to work with:

Every game is a challenge, but the Greek mythos is so wide and varied. We could never do every myth that it has for us. We don't find it limiting; it's more exciting to explore more areas of it — new gods, new titans, new locales.

Take the Furies. They're primordial. They're from before the gods — they're more powerful than the gods. Some of their abilities are just ridiculous — so powerful. They make really great nemeses for Kratos.

Of course, anybody familiar with Greek mythology at all knows that there are hundreds of Olympians, demigods and spirits in various tales and stories. However, what you don't want with a series like this — one with no end in sight — is to have a main character going out and bullying dryads and water nymphs because he's angry all the time. Ascension is a prequel, sure, but eventually a sequel with Kratos will need to figure out if there's energy left in the same ol' mythology.


    Norse pl0x

      Would be a good chance to retire Kratos and replace him with someone who has a personality beyond "I'm terribly, terribly angry". I'd be down for taking Tyr out and battling some giants, as long as they keep him suitably Norse - A love for battle, booze and women and, most importantly, a sense of humour.

        I think they can probably stick with the Greek mythology but I agree with retiring Kratos. One can only play as a character and follow a character's story of revenge for so long before getting tired of said character. GOW3 had an ambiguous ending as to whether or not Kratos is alive, let's leave it like that and find a new guy to play as.

          Agreed the ambiguous ending is great. Kratos got his revenge and had nothing more to live for. Tale ended leaving you wondering if he is dead or not.
          They can take a different personality hero in the same type of game smashing Greek gods and still be awesome. Kratos returning would just make the guy become a serious wanker.

          Yep, one way or another Kratos is pretty much played out.

          Would be great to play as a new guy with a new pantheon to fight and a new reason to do so. No need to get too melodramatic, but apart from Norse mythology what about the Celts or the Egyptians? Just reading the Wiki ( the interellated duties of the various gods would make for really interesting consequences that could easily sustain another 3+ game offshoot.

          e.g. the Egyptian god of war is also the god of music and protector of homes and children; the Egyptian god of chaotic evil is also the protector of Ra.

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