Doom Integrated Into Garry's Mod Takes The Game To Another Level

Elements of the source port of Doom integrated into the latest Garry's Mod look really great. Shooting down (/2) endless masses of imps and cacodemons is always fun, and doing it in a City 17-esque dystopian open environment is just makes it more special.

The mod's author claims once it is ready and bug free, which should be only in a few days, the mod will be available through the Steam Workshop.

gmDoom [YouTube]


    That... looks... AWESOME

    Does that title (of the article) look wrong to anyone else?

      'An Other'?

        Yep thats it, i hate people who pick on gramma and punctuation, but that looks so odd my brain sorta twitched.

      "An Other" should be "Another"

    Man I love being reminded how awesome Doom is.

    wow, i still haven't bought Gary's mod but now I reckon I will.

    Those Doom animations are timeless

    I really wish they'd make a new Doom in the vein of the classics. I've tried Doom 3 (that's the newest one right?) and it just didn't do it for me.

      Doom 4 from what i have heard will be going back to what made Doom games awesome but what id means by that we sadly might never know as they have said jack shit about it so far.

    Its awsome that they did this, I loved watching the video game footage. But I dont think I'd ever play it.

    Can you add brutal doom to it?

    This is the best game news I have ever seen.

    It's nostalgia done in an incredibly novel way. F-ing awesome.

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