DOTA 2 Steams Ahead Of Skyrim

Before today, the game with most concurrent users ever on Steam was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I remember the hype on Kotaku Australia surrounding the release of that game, so I genuinely thought that record would have held until Half Life 3! But no, the massively growing popularity of DOTA 2 has taken a life of its own. Now it appears as thought the DOTA 2 beta has become the game with most concurrent users on Steam ever.

Skyrim previously held the record during its launch month, with numbers of 287,411. Like most big launches, the numbers trailed off. What's strange about the DOTA 2 beta is its steady build upwards. The lines on the graph go in completely opposite directions, and that is super interesting. I suppose it's a completely new way of building a community around a game — start the beta, slowly invite people to the party and make it something people slowly get excited about, as opposed to spending millions on pre-launch advertising and going for the big splash on day one.

I wonder where DOTA can go from here. The game hasn't even officially been released yet!

DotA2 has just broken another record! [Reddit]

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    Gotta love the Cartman business model.

    I've been gifted this game twice and still not redeemed it. I kinda of want to give it a go but I feel like as a complete noob at it I'll just have people filing reports on me for "feeding" or something.

      I had that experience. Sadly, after playing 100hrs I realised I was becoming the person reporting people for feeding, and I had to stop.

      They've got some good features with bots, so you can try playing that as much as you want without judgement from other players :) From there you can move into maybe co-op against bots, and give a few goes at an actual game. You should be matched up to players with similar(ish) skill.

      Definitely give it a shot, if only against bots! You might like it. They're also starting to implement some tutorials.

      Just play coop against bots to learn, but even then the community can be total dicks still. Don't worry about people complaining about you feeding etc, you are learning, everyone had to start somewhere, and there is always the mute option :)

      A group of us have been playing regularly over the last few weeks. Normally against bots but we just dipped our toes into the waters of dealing with real people.

      All is going well.

      The important thing to remember is that everyone sucks when they start out and you're going to be matched up with other newbies. So just remember that you shouldn't autoattack creeps at the start (just get the last hits so that you earn gold) and do whatever is in your power to avoid dying.

      If you want to join us, I'm sure that everyone will be more than accommodating.

      Sound advice by the people above me, also this probably applies to 99% online multiplayer game: HTFU.

      Now I don't mean you should tolerate dicks, but sometimes when the going gets tough even people can snap - this is true whether you're playing with friends or not (also even going against bots might cause you to lose and people will inevitable get riled up). Simply take the advice/criticism and move on, never ever hold grudges.

        After years upon years of online gaming I don't think it's even possible for me to take things personally anymore, but this game seems more frustrating than your usual strategy title or an FPS for that matter.

    Doesn't Kotaku AU have a Steam group? Anybody willing to learn (like me) in safe and peaceful surroundings could try getting a game going with nothing but amateurs.

      Ive played a good 5 or 6 hundred hours, Id be happy to jump in the group and teach people some things

    Yeah unfortunately the dota community is full of dicks. There are some good peeps out there, and certainly saying / typing you're just starting out helps. People are usually happy to help out, if they aren't it's not a game you want to be in.
    I did see in the recent patch they're starting to bring in the learning tutorials, and also there will be a play with mentor section at one stage. I really hope that helps to give people a idea of the game. Find some mates and do some 5v 5 bots or whatever. Pub matches can still be disheartening at times.
    Rules I tell new people starting out.
    1) Don't die.
    2) Stay around your creeps for XP.
    3) Don't die.

      'Don't die' is possibly the worst piece of advice you see in moba games, it's the one single thing you don't need to tell anyone. Among my friends it's the line that we always auto ignore for. The fact people think it's serious advice is the most mind numbing thing. Do people genuinely believe others choose to die, want to die, at any point during a moba game? Or do they actually think there's a 'don't die' button waiting to be bound in the menus.

      It's the sadly un-ironic equivalent of that Team American scene :P

      Anywho, I've been playing dota since around 2004, switched to LoL, now back to dota 2 because of Australian servers, and honestly my advice to those on the fence would be 'don't.' These games really do have the worst communities in online gaming bar none, the exception is if you have 4 good friends to play with most of the time, and even then we only continue because it's quick and easy to jump into a game and something we all just know really well, I think we'd still prefer to be playing other things, unfortunately smash bros melee online tends to lose sync a bit too often to make it a mainstay over aus internet :(

        Maybe I should have ended with with the rules. Of course it's the worst rule.

          Meh xml tag taken out. "with with" should be "with (slash tongue_firmy_in_cheek) with the rules"

        "Don't die" is good advice given poorly. Learning how to play safely is probably the biggest hurdle for new players.

        Not tower diving when it's unsafe. Not drawing creep aggro. Health and mana management. Positioning yourself safely while still in experience range when you're vulnerable. These are all things new players need to learn and can be summed up as "don't die" but just saying "don't die" doesn't really cover that.

        There's also why dying is bad. Dying has a much bigger impact in MOBA games than in some other genres. When you die in Dota2, you're spending time out of lane. That's less farm and less experience. You're also giving your opponent reliable gold and experience.

        So yes, the first thing I would tell a new player is "don't die" but I would also tell them how and why otherwise it is meaningless.

        the problem is someone dying has a huge effect on the game.

        unlike most multi player games where dying means a slap on the wrist (losing a few points or something, giving a point to the other team, maybe a short respawn time). in a MOBA, one death can completely change a game, someone dying can cause a snowball effect, because not only does it mean the other player gains an advantage over other's, it also puts you behind and disadvantages your entire team as well.

        what i'm trying to say is that saying "don't die" isn't the right thing to say to a new player, but you still have to explain the importance of surviving in a game like DOTA or any other MOBA game.

    Said popularity would have been massively bolstered by the fact Steam has been basically spamming people with giftable copies of Dota2 of late.

      People still have to play it for that to count.

      Apparently a lot of Chinese users are getting their hands on keys now. That's going to be a huge boost to the playerbase. After all, DotA (and Warcraft 3) has a massive following in China.

        Even having to play it doesn't mean much when you hear of people with close to 20 copies to give away. Ensures more people will have it at the end of the day, especially when compared to a game that costs money like Skyrim.

          Don't forget that we're talking about concurrent online users. This is the record for most people playing the game at the same time.

          This is a free to play game, just like Team Fortress 2. Eventually everyone with Steam will have access to the game if they chose.

      it's strange that I hear thousands of users are inundated by beta keys yet I still haven't got one by now. I can download it and run the client but for some reason, spectating was the only thing available.

        You might only have the spectator client that was released so that people could watch The International.

        If you're after a key, try following the instructions here.

          thank you for the link. I actually knew of this method since last year, though their friend's list was too full for me to add to it the last time I checked :(
          luckily it's online now and just got a beta key.

          Last edited 04/03/13 8:42 pm

    This seems like a good place to offer some DOTA 2 keys... I have about 15 get rid of.

    I find it quite funny that I've been sent so many keys, as DOTA 2 isn't the type of game I even like (the community has got to be one of the worst out there).

    I have 16 damn invites for this game. Valve, stop giving them to me!!

      To date I have gifted 12 keys and still have 16 in my inventory...

    I'd like to think that the blip just before January 2013 was the release of the Bastion announcer pack.

      Start a game > checked shared content > always choose the Bastion announcer.

    Takes a long time to get the hang off if you are new to genre, but a really good game. Many hours invested.

    Riot games (League of Legends) have a psychology department just to deal with and come up with solutions on how to make the community less poisonous. people get angry because a single round can take more than 30 minutes and it seems like a waste if you lose, I guess individuals just can't control themselves.

    I have been given 21 copies all up to give out as gifts for no reason more than they want more numbers. It isn't even that fantastic...

    I want to play it but its too intimidating.
    People are way to invested - Casual noob league would be good by it was just be trolled by losers who like to stomp new players. Had a few goes, and vs comps is plenty fun. But them invites, so many invites....

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