Dragon Ball Creator Doesn't Enjoy Inking Manga, But He Does Enjoy Crazy Poses

Akira Toriyama, is returning to Dragon Ball once again with the release of the new anime movie, Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods. But apparently, all is not well with the famed series creator.

In a March 24th TV program celebrating the release of the new movie, several of Toriyama's written answers to previously selected viewer questions were read on air. One of the questions asked Toriyama what he would wish for if he were to collect the mystical Dragon Balls. Toriyama's response was that he would like it so that all he would have to do is think of a story and the manga would be drawn automatically. His reasons being that he doesn't like inking.

"I rarely draw manga at all because I hate inking." Toriyama revealed. Toriyama's old Dragon Ball editor, Fuyuto Takeda appeared on the program and spoke of how Toriyama once told him over the phone that he'd come down with an "inking allergy" that cause him to break out in a rash whenever he'd ink. Toriyama continued with his answer, writing, "It's probably best that an old man retires." This was more of a musing than an actual retirement announcement, but that didn't stop the hosts of the program from practically begging Toriyama to continue his work.

Toriyama did state that while he does not enjoy inking, he does like thinking up stories. Toriyama himself worked on the story and character design for the latest Dragon Ball movie. Pictures showing character template drawings recently circulated the Japanese message board, 2 channel. Among the pictures, former Saiyan prince, Vegeta was depicted in crazy dance poses and absurd expressions. Supposedly, in the movie, there is a scene where Vegeta attempts to gain favour with the enemy boss and these are some of the poses and expressions used. Even with that explanation, one message board user put it best:

"I wish Nappa could see this..."

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will be opening in Japan on March 30. Stay tuned for our review.

「ドラゴンボール」鳥山明がマンガが描けない!? ペン入れアレルギー「オッサンは引退するのが一番です」[livedoor NEWS] 映画ベジータの表情ワロタwwwwwwwwww [2ちゃんねる]


    I think it's time to start liking DBZ again, spent so long shitting on it because filler was just so painful but it really was stupid fun

      Watch DBZ:Kai. It is the anime recoloured and redrawn in some places with extra dialogue and re-recorded voice acting so that it accurately matches the manga. To that extent it is 80-100 episodes shorter because there is NO FILLER! So good.

        You wont notice the redrawing and editing in Kai but the story is more faster than the older dbz series. Hoping to buy a blu ray box set for it

        Last edited 14/06/13 2:23 am

          Not better, they cut ALOT of good stuff

    I greatly look forward to the inevitable DBZ: Abridged version.

    Side note: Love the reminders about how bad the original dubbing of DBZ was. That Kamehameha at the end....urg

      Dude, nothing beats the original, the japanese Goku is way better

        Ain't that the truth! Lol

    ...Why is Goku fighting the Easter Bunny?

    But honestly, yeahhhhh new DBZ!

    Does anyone else think the caption for the article image should be:
    "Oh wow man. Your biceps are really solid. Do you work out or something?"

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