Drain A Fictional Phone’s Battery In The Scary-Looking Daylight

Drain A Fictional Phone’s Battery In The Scary-Looking Daylight
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This is the first footage from Zombie Studios’ latest, a survival horrory-looking game called Daylight. There’s not yet much to know about it, besides that it’s powered by Unreal Engine 4 and its world is entirely randomly generated.

I posted a while ago about the Kickstarter-funded Delver’s Drop, another procedurally generated indie title, and several commenters expressed disdain toward games whose levels aren’t meticulously curated, inch-by-inch, by coffee-addled designers. That’s certainly a valid viewpoint, but I think there’s a case to be made for randomly generated experiences that are different every time you start up a new game, as well.

Especially when that experience is meant to scare you senseless, like Daylight clearly is. This way you’ll never see the scares coming — that seems to be the idea, at least. All I know is if I tried to use my iPhone as a flashlight like that the battery would die long before I found my way out of the abandoned hospital.

Daylight is expected to be released on Steam some time this year.

Daylight — first video of Zombie Studios’ URE4 game released


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