EA Got My SimCity Back, So I Killed It With A Giant Fire-Lizard

Following a struggle with the tech folks following a fault in the SimCity press servers, the lost city of Fahey's Folly — aka the SimCity on the Edge of Forever — was found once again. In celebration, I unleashed red-hot dino fury.

Since I'll be using my own Origin account and retail servers for our upcoming SimCity review, Fahey's Folly didn't have long to live anyway. I think destruction by a Spore-looking Godzilla stand-in is what the city would have wanted.

The scaly bugger doesn't do all that much damage anyway — this video is actually the third of three dino attacks. Thanks to the GlassBox engine, any destroyed buildings are quickly replaced once the rubble has been bulldozed. Natural disasters just aren't want they used to be.

EA assures me that the bug that kept me from my city was an issue with the private servers the press preview are being held on, and should not affect retail customers, so hopefully noone should have to lose something they love, get it back and then kill it ever again.

At least not in SimCity.


    This is the good news story to end all good news stories.

    So EA can't get it right with a small number of press on a server but they want us to believe their always on DRM system servers will work properly when people all over the world want to play it during the first week of release? I hope for the players frustration that it does go smoothly, but history doesn't make me too confident.

      I really hope it doesn't go smoothly.

        I do for the money paying players, not for EAs sake.

      Wasn't there some other incident with regards to a LAN style private server setup and EA blamed one of the journalist's laptops not being charged or was charging and that's what caused the fault or something equally as ludicrous?

        Yep. And on a preview video I watched this morning, the guys wife paid for a university (not cheap), got disconnected, reconnected to find the money gone but no university there. There is going to be a shit storm on the internet when this thing launches.

          LOL 30 minute waits to get into a server to play a single player game. People paid money for this! You fools!

      This is why I'm hesitant to buy this day one. At first I told myself I wasn't going to buy it at all purely out of principle, but after watching a lot of videos, it does genuinely look like a fantastic game that I actually want to play, and that's something I haven't said about a game for a long, long time.

      Last edited 05/03/13 2:26 pm

        Yup.. I'll be waiting.. I probably won't buy it till next year, if I do even bother with it.. the terrain detail looks like something from last decade.. the buildings and other stuff looks highly detailed but the terrain looks out of date.. plus the always online stuff.. plus the price of the game..

        Yeah, it looks like a good game alright. But I'll be sticking with my EA boycott and I doubt that will change any time soon.

    So they couldn't get the servers right for a few hundred reviewers who's opinions will affect sales, but they're going to get the launch right with hundreds of thousands of concurrent users.


    It's great that EA work hard to resolve issues for the press on private servers. Hopefully they have a few thousand workers to resolve the issues for people on public servers.

    "EA assures me that the bug that kept me from my city was an issue with the private servers the press preview are being held on, and should not affect retail customers, so hopefully noone should have to lose something they love, get it back and then kill it ever again."
    I have very little faith in this comment -_-

    What's the terrain options like when you start the game? Can you choose a place for your city or are you stuck with a random generator? Just wondering because I'd like to build a 'look-a-like' city like hollywood or san-fran for example.

    Apart from the drm mess, this game looks terrible.

    SimCity 4 looks like it has better textures than this.

      graphics don't make a game good, the actual game does...

      Considering most of SimCity 4 was 2D sprite-based, not texture-based, and the image quality in the new game is plainly better than in SC4, I'm going to assume you're in the 'manufacturing reasons to hate on the game' basket.

      The game itself looks really good, in both graphics and gameplay. I won't be buying it though because I choose not to support EA's business practices. I don't need to go making any other excuses though to justify it to myself.

    why were all the cars moving at like 400kph?

    i can't wait for Simcity to fail. i like the game, but, always on DRM compromises the design and playability of the game to do so, tethering you to the server's uptime or lack of uptime.

    For an MMO where it's intentional, that kind of tether is a compromise you accept. for a single player game, losing your progress every few minutes is frustrating.

    so, i expect Error 37's or the Origin equivalent to come through any time now.

      Like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUl_Cj2_KWU

    I trust your review of this game will appropriately take into account the crippling DRM issues.

    If you give it a positive review despite all of this, that would be the equivalent of giving a car a positive review because of its nice interior even though the engine was repeatedly disabled by remote control while you were driving it.

      If he gave it a positive review despite the DRM, it just means the pros outweigh the cons. Not everyone had their fiancee dump them at the altar so she could run off with a suave and dashing young DRM, as I can only assume happened to you for you to condemn an entire game solely on the basis of it being always-online.

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