Earthbound Invades The Japanese Wii U With Lots Of Little Extras

As part of the Famicon's (Nintendo Entertainment System's) 30th anniversary in Japan, Nintendo has been releasing various retro titles on the Wii U for the insanely low price of ¥30 yen ($0.30). The first title released this way was the NES classic Balloon Fighter. The following game was Fire Emblem: Monsho no Nazo, the first Fire Emblem game on the SNES. But, starting last Wednesday, Nintendo moved on to its third title, Mother 2, or as it's known in the West, Earthbound.

But this super-low price for the virtual console title isn't the only Earthbound-related thing that's come out on the Japanese Wii U. There is now a Mother 2 MiiVerse community (which is accessible on Western systems as well as on Japanese ones) and a special 30-minute Earthbound-centric episode of GameCenter CX (Retro Game Master) that was released on the Japanese Nintendo eStore for free as well.

In addition to all this, last Friday night, Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata sat down with Earthbound writer/director Shigesato Itoi to play through the first three and a half hours of the game on the Wii. The highlight of this playthrough by far was seeing Iwata's custom-made Earthbound jacket — guaranteed to make Earthbound fans the world over jealous as hell.

Mother 2 (Earthbound) was released on the Japanese Wii U virtual console on March 20, 2013. There is currently no word on an international virtual console release. Earthbound was originally released on the SNES in 1994 in Japan and internationally in 1995.


    I'd much rather this or Fire Emblem than Punch Out... Can't wait for Kirby Adventures next month though, that game was the shit.

      Would have loved to see Earthbound rock up in our store.

      Ah well, I didn't know that Kirby's Adventure was coming, so that's made this morning a hell of a lot better :)

    aww dang, I makes me feel a little bitter knowing they could get better games XD

    Show us some mother 2 and 3 love please japan

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