Enjoy Vice City All Over Again As A Fantastic Grand Theft Auto IV "Mod"

It's been too long since we last saw Vice City Rage in action. Too damn long.

An ambitious project aimed at "porting" Rockstar's classic 2002 game to the more modern Grand Theft Auto IV engine, it may still be looking a little basic in terms of textures, but that modern lighting, physics and handling are making me want to go and get all obsessive over its soundtrack again.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Vice City RAGE Beta ' Exclusive Gameplay HD [YouTube, via Reddit]


    That city looks more like LA compared to Vice City, mainly because the roads look very similar to the roads in Midnight Club: LA.

      Actually, it looks a lot more like Vice City, as Vice City isn't real, and LA is. And this is a remake of Vice City. Not LA.

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