Everything Wrong With Deadpool In One Convenient Game Trailer

Everything Wrong With Deadpool In One Convenient Game Trailer

Deadpool is my second-favourite Marvel Comics character. Seeing him come to life (courtesy of IGN) at the hands of the studio that brought me two stellar Transformers games should be a dream come true, but the more I see of the Deadpool game the more I realise the character I fell in love with back in 1997 has spiralled out of control.

To High Moon Studios’ credit, it is staying amazingly faithful to the character in his current incarnation. Feeling up Cable, cutting to a half-naked bouncing woman holding an “I Love DP!” (ha. ha.) sign wouldn’t be out of place in any comic currently harbouring the “Merc’ With a Mouth”. What was once a subtle, almost charming sort of mania has devolved over the years into batshit crazy. He’s become a parody of his own parody.

I wasn’t all that fond of Deadpool when he first showed up. His 1997 debut took place in New Mutants, a comic book I had subscribed to since its debut that was in the midst of being completely ruined by artist (well, he does draw things) Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. Liefeld’s design reminded Nicieza of DC Comics’ mercenary Deathstroke (titter), so Deadpool was eventually given the real name of Wade Wilson, a play on Deathstroke’s Slade Wilson.

The love came in 1997 with Deadpool’s first ongoing, with words by Joe Kelly and visuals by the amazing Ed McGuinness, the only comic book artist I’ve ever taken the time to bug for a sketch. Deadpool was crazy here, sure, but he had a heart as well. There was a depth to the character that only grew when Christopher Priest (Quantum and Woody!) took over writing duties.

Once that series ended I took a break from comics. I’d check in with Deadpool now and again, but more often than not found that creators had a hard time reining themselves in when faced with the freedom of a character capable of breaking the fourth wall, speaking directly to the audience. I still loved his video game cameos, and Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson was the best thing about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, but in comics I felt him slipping away.

Now Deadpool is in a new series, written by Brian Posehn (I do not look like him) and Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Tony Moore. The first several issues had him fighting zombie versions of dead American presidents. It was pretty hideous. He’s also in the new Thunderbolts, completely out-of-place among the likes of Elektra, Flash Thompson’s Venom, The Punisher and General Red Hulk Ross. That’s four of my least favourite Marvel characters, and the low point of the book Deadpool.

I should be excited about the Deadpool video game. This trailer neatly summarises why I am not.


  • This pretty much sums up my feelings on Deadpool perfectly. Especially the bit about Nolan North.

    • What? No way, Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe was fun, and Deadpool Killustrated is fun to read as well.

  • Did you read Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Mark? If so, what were your impressions? I… I don’t know how to tag you…

  • Anyone looking for depth and character development in comics who just reads Marvel deserves what they get. Go read Fables or 100 Bullets or something which has a modicum of artistic integrity. Warning, reading anything of Frank Miller’s does not count, because he is a racist hack who killed Robocop.

  • Guns? checks. Katanas? check. Hot Deadpool groupies? check. Game looks amazing. the bit at the very end, hilarious.

  • I think a lot of writers have a hard time not going overboard with Deadpool, his last ongoing was great and the Uncanny X-Force series with him in it was done really well. I really like the Thunderbolts team, Deadpool, Punisher and Flash Thompson Venom are some of my favourite characters and to see them in a team together is awesome even if the series isn’t quite there yet.
    I think they game so far looks too wacky and I’m not a fan of Nolan North, sounds like he’s trying too hard but that might just be because of how wacky the game is.

    • If you haven’t read Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender yet, give it a go. You might like Deadpool again after.

  • This looks… just awful. They spent the entire trailer telling me how funny the game was going to be without showing anything that remotely supported that.

    Also this voice actor for Deadpool does nothing for me. I was already finding it grating in Marvel vs Capcom 3; a whole game of it might make me want to take steel wool to my eardrums.

    • You would not believe the reaction I got from everyone in the comments section of IGN for basically saying the same thing with the first trailer. This immature nonsense is the reason why nobody takes video games, or video gamers, seriously. Yet everyone on that website was cackling like morons at jokes about feces.

  • he went from an eccentric and outspoken wall breaker to an obnoxious and grating “there is no wall” kind of guy, it makes me sad, at one point they had reached an almost great balance between the two creating a subtle but fundamentally mental character, but it seems a lot of people don’t understand that just because a character can break the 4th wall doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a fourth wall a lot of the time.

  • This looks awesome, none of you actually like deadpool and you’re all clearly nofunallowed robots.

    • I like deadpool (however i hate what he currently is in comics, but i dislike everything associated with Marvel Now) but the parody of the parody comment is accurate and this game has not invoked a positive response from me.

      • Agreed. The current version of Deadpool doesn’t do anything for me at all, but I’m a fan of the character in general.

  • The zombie president stuff in the first few issues of the current deadpool actually had some of the best stuff i had seen in deadpool in over a year. Its kind of sad really.

  • They say that you can’t tell if something is ‘good’ or not by whether a reviewer likes it… you can only tell if the reviewer likes the kind of things you like.

    Given that Venom and the Punisher are two of my favourite characters (Punisher MAX version though), I’m going to take it that I will possibly quite enjoy the latest Deadpool.

  • Always been a fan of deadpool, but not this over-the-top, wacky Deadpool.
    I like him a bit more subtle, slightly crazy, like hes wired a bit wrong. Talking to the two voices in his head.
    His run in Uncanny X-Force was fanatstic! (That whole series was excellent). And when he joined the X-men (between X-Force and the latest Phoenix saga).

    Its a very, VERY fine line between what makes him funny and irritatingly bad.

  • high moon studios and activision? well shit… this game is going to be shit.

    they screwed Transformers Fall of Cybertron and its community over and gave ridiculous reasons for it. They made the game on the success of War For Cybertron just to make a quick buck on the dlc.

    I predict this game going into the bargain bin 1 month after release.

    • How exactly did they “screw” Fall of Cybertron, that’s a great game and I probably logged more multiplayer hours in that game than any other in 2012

  • Three things I want to say:

    1) Mike, he was introduced earlier than 1997. He first appeared in 1991.

    2) This game’s story is written by Daniel Way, who took charge of Deadpool in the late 2000’s and is pretty much single-handedly responsible for the way the character has “spiralled out of control”.

    3) Read Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender (starting with The Apocalypse Solution). Great characterisation of Deadpool, used well in moderation.

  • I agree with you Mike, I feel like Deadpool has kinda gone from a character who was more like a psychotic murderer who would torment his foes by running his mouth to a bad Jerry Lewis impersonation.

  • I think I might have been too old when Dead Pool was first becoming popular because I just find his 4th wall breaking antics stale and mildly annoying. Like Ambush Bug, but without the surreal humor and the self depreciating sense of irony.

    I guess I sound like a snob, but I’ve never found DP very clever.

  • I have been a Deadpool fan from day 1.

    I still have my issue of his first appearance in New Mutants 98.

    I will admit, since that moment, he has grown from cold blooded killer with a smart mouth. To the merc with a mouth we know and love now who is crazier and nuttier than a sack of squirrels.

    Is this the same character that I know and love from over 20 years ago? Yes and No.

    He is still Deadpool. He is a lot crazier, more mainstream now, and more of a joke as his growing popularity has flooded the market, and drained my bank account as I try and pick up his every single appearance and comic book cover cameos as they come out. This might be due to several different writers on his books over the years, small changes, and giving him more and more of a backstory which had to be crazier than his obsession with the late great Bea Arthur.

    But Im still the type of person that after completing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 , I went back and played the game, not using the team of 4 characters, but of 1. Just Deadpool. This is what I wanted . I wanted a solo deadpool game ( sure i zapped in Cable here and there just for the fun of it , I must admit). It was hard. But boy, was it fun.

    To see that this game is coming out, is my dream of what I was trying to achieve out of the MAU 1 + 2 games all those years ago. A solo Deadpool game.

    Knowing that High Moon studios is doing this, It makes me realise that someone shares the same dream as me. I cannot thank them enough as I was starting to wonder if I was going mad with this Deadpool obsession, but now that others share the love, it is a fantastic feeling.

    I dont care how crazy High Moon studios make this game, It can be worse than Ryan Reynolds in that God awful Green Lantern movie, but its gonna be the game I want to play. (RR , hurry up and fund your own Deadpool film, you talk the talk. Now walk the walk! … annnd Action!)

    My fellow Kotaku readers. Nobody is forcing your hand to play the game, or to even buy it.

    However, one thing is for certain. I will buy it ( actually , I already have my pre ordered copy fully paid off, well $100 on the account … cause there is of course no official price just yet, duh!) and it will be the game that makes me take Halo 4 out of my xbox for a week or two. I guarantee one thing, I’ll be in my element when playing it.

    Im sure to submit a review ( if thats ok of course) after I can drag myself away from the controller for 10 minutes.

    – Black Sword

  • It looks like Marvel is going a bit overboard with the 4th wall breaking stuff. If anyone has watched the latest spiderman cartoon “Ultimate Spiderman”, he breaks the 4th wall every 5 minutes.

    And they treat it as if the mere fact of breaking the 4th wall is funny. Jokes are lame and not well thought out. And he barely says anything witty….Just like DP in this trailer!

  • First off, opinions are like a$$ holes everyone’s got one! Secondly Im a constantly evolving character and im supposed to be getting crazier and crazier….. That’s the point of being a psychotic merc! You try having multiple personalities while balancing amazing looks and mad ninja skills , saving the world, out witting spidey all while still being effin awesome! ..(applause)…..

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