Fight For Humanity With This Awesome Real-Life Mass Effect Gun

Weaselhammer of Vector Sigma Creations is the very talented person behind this magnificent-looking replica of the M-12 Locust submachine gun from Mass Effect 2 and 3. The overall creation process took about three months, during which Weaselhammer crafted the model piece by piece, attaching synthetic polymer components to a wooden frame, and then giving it all a nice coat of paint.

You can take a look at some in progress pics below, read a summary of what went on at Weaselhammer's blog, or follow the project from its inception at Vector Sigma Creations' Facebook page.

For comparison, here's what the original weapon looks like.

Weaselhammer Props - Mass Effect M-12 Locust SMG


    "... the gun that killed two Presidents."

    Loved this gun in ME2. Looks a little bulky in the photos but maybe that's just because of the way the photos are shot.

    Great work.

      Yep, even in ME3 the insanely low recoil and high accuracy make this a favourite of mine. The damage isn't on par with the Hurricane but that thing has a big recoil.

        That, and it was the only SMG able to full auto at any range with accuracy (and the super fast reload animation, and it being super light). It was he best smg until they added the multiplayer handheld WMD's.

    Fett seems to be eyeing that with far too much affection for my liking.

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