Final Fantasy V On Smartphones? 18 Bucks In Japan

As first revealed last December, Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy V and "other games" to iOS.

A leaked Japanese magazine scan shows how much Japanese gamers can expect to pay for this: Final Fantasy V, which is listed for iOS and Android, is priced at ¥1,800 or close to US$19. That's a lot!

But, if you are a diehard FFV fan, perhaps you are willing to shell out for the touch-based controls. This is the GameBoy Advance version, and it does feature polished 2D graphics. All that costs nineteen bucks, huh?

FF5:スマートフォン版「FF5」配信決定!iOS版3/28・価格1,800円 [FF-Union]

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    And 5 bucks per party member, a buck to use each new spell you learn, 50c per cutscene...

    Check your source. Final Fantasy Union doesn't release new news or anything written in Japanese.

    I already have Final Fantasy V on my Smart Phone.

      Emulators are awesome.... (the PS1 emulator was the best software I ran on the xPeria Play, pity the phone was such an under-powered POS, If they released a new one.....)
      Though if they offered the official smartphone versions for a reasonable price..... (most of the old FF games are near the $20 mark, and I just can't justify it since I already own a physical version, and a PSN version)... Now if they were <$10 a pop it might be a different story.

        Yep, Xperia Play user right here too :P I had to hunt around for mine, as Sony stopped production on the Xperia Play a long while ago, and of course people were buying all the mark down stock and reselling at exorbitant prices. Ended up finding a near new Xperia Play, for $135 at Cashies - still had the screen protector too. Took that off, and you can't even tell it was 2nd hand! :D

      Exactly, just use Snes9x EX on your android, download the ROMS and play the old-school like LOZ: Link to the Past, FF6, Chrono Trigger, etc.

        Or Mario 64 & Ocarina of Time ;) There's an excellent N64 emulator for Droid too - 'N64oid'

          That would be great if my smartphone had an analog stick attached to it. :p

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