Final Fantasy V Out Now For iOS, And It Looks Like This

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the look of Final Fantasy V on iOS. I mean, original character designer Kazuko Shibuya returned to polish up her original designs and make everything all pretty for the game's mobile debut, so in a way this is true to her vision.

On the other hand, it looks like the entire game was squeezed through an emulator filter. Hmm.

I guess I'll just have to get used to it. Besides, I'll be too busy bitching about the price to worry about the visuals. Final Fantasy V is available right now on the Australian iTunes App Store for $16.99, the same price as the previous instalment.

It's still a fair price, I suppose. We're getting the original game plus the extra dungeon and four extra job classes from the 2006 Game Boy Advance release, and it's a universal app, so we don't have to buy it twice to play on the iPhone and iPad.

And, hey, Square Enix spent a lot of money to make it look like this.


    but.. but.. i want it and ff6 to get the same 3d treatment that ff3&4 did

    The last screenshot... Her character art is white haired but her character in game is pink haired?

      It's not really that uncommon in 16 bit era Final Fantasy games.

    yet I find myself patiently awaiting an android port of YET ANOTHER money sink until I get that fabled FF VII remake that should now be on PS4 with the English voice dubbing cast from Advent Children. Although there was a it of hammed up acting and engrish, I think that cast did a realy good job and Sephiroth's english voice actor was definitely worth putting up with clouds broken dubbing

    I don't know... these IOS ports look pretty butt ugly to me. I guess the text is more readable, but visually the clean text, menus etc just don't gel with the pixelated 16-bit graphics of the originals. I liked my blue menues. Those awkward looking new sprites just frustrate me... Either go all the way or don't modify it at all... none of this lazy half redesign business. Yuck!

      well I kind of like it.

      I want a remake to stay true to its roots. So the Final Fantasy 3 remake to me was... ugh. the joystick was the best thing about it, the rest of the port of the DS remake like the 3D environments just didnt give me the nostalgia I was looking for. I much prefer sprites, though they could still have done a bit better work on the sprites

        If you wanted to stay true to its roots then the 3D remakes have way more problems than the graphics. In III the number of monsters on screen changed resulting in several monsters getting power ups since they came in smaller groups including a monster that you could encounter early in the game before you got your party together (whereas you started with them all in the original) and it would basically murder you, heck I almost died in the first tutorial fight.

        The 3D remake of IV actually had several mechanics changed to essentially troll people who had played the original too ( and the dialogue often wasn't changed resulting in the game giving really bad advice to new players as well).

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