Final Fantasy Versus XIII Turned Into FFXV By A Fashion Label’s Mistake

Ah, the world of fashion! The clothes. The models. The typos? According to Japanese clothing brand Roen, that’s exactly what caused a recent kerfuffle.

Back in 2008, Roen announced that it would be making Final Fantasy Versus XIII threads like the game’s protagonists wear.

Recently, however, something peculiar was spotted while surfing Roen’s website. On the biography page of Hiromu Takahara, Roen’s lead designer, the second under the year 2008 was altered to read: “Square Enix Final Fantasy XV (planned) Clothing Design”. This discrepancy was only recently discovered, but supposedly the mistake has been on the site for over a year.

In summer 2012, Kotaku published a rumour which claimed that Square Enix was killing off Final Fantasy Versus XIII and, perhaps, folding the game (or elements of it) into the next numeric Final Fantasy, which would be FFXV. Last month, Square Enix said it was “preparing for development of a Final Fantasy title.”

This certainly could all be much ado about nothing. According to Roen’s official blog, there was a “mistake” in the biography section. The blog mentioned that the staff is working to combat future errors like this and apologized for this latest mistake.

Hey, mistakes happen! But do Final Fantasy Versus XIII releases? Don’t answer that.

Biography [Roen]

BIOGRAPHY 表記の誤りについて [Roen]

『FFヴェルサスXIII』が『FF15』にタイトル変更?衣装協力のファッションブランド「Roen」ウェブサイトに『FF15』と記述 [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]

(Top photo: ファミ通)
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