Fine Art: This Aussie Builds Pretty Things In 3D

We're looking today at the portfolio of Jon Troy Nickel, an Australian artist who has worked on titles like Section 8, the cancelled Wet 2 and the Rift games.

He's also provided designs for Kingdom Death, a "boutique horror" tabletop game.

Having worked for Australian and American game studios, Nickel is now a freelance character artist.

You can check out more of his stuff at his personal site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.


    Great technique, without a single shred of originality. So much of this stuff out there - why bother? It's interchangeable with 90% of game art. Give him another 5-10 years and he might produce something worthwhile.

      I think it's funny how people like you can be soo negative about some one who is obviously very talented, he's getting paid to do what he loves, you're sitting behind a computer trying to look like you know what you're talking about, there's a clear winner in this situation.

    Guest; that wasn't a constructive or a nice thing to say, and unless you are producing better art that has more "originality" then you can't diss anyone else's art.

      While I 100% agree that what that guy said was completely cynical and unconstructive, the whole argument about not being able to criticise unless you can do better doesn't seem to really hold up in a world where the majority of critics are just that; critics. Do you think all video game critics who don't also produce amazing games have no right to give them a score?

        Sorry should of clarified; if guest does judge so harshly and with such authority on where the line of originality lies, he best be producing amazing genre-mould breaking art. If one can add constructive criticism and thoughtful feedback to their comments, then they can be a fine judge of work without being able to make equivalent work.

    Well Haz it just goes to show that you're doing pretty good if random people have the guts to tell you they don't like your work.

    I'd just say though that those dissing on his amazing art simply don't know the half a thing about the game-art community or artists in general. Not only is he one of the most respected artists these days but he got this good because he didn't give a damn about breaking out of some non-existent mould.

    Not a fan of the block hairstyle myself but the modelling and texturing on the rest is great

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