Fine Art: This Guy Built The Things In Crysis

Manuel Virks is a 2D/3D artist at Crytek's primary studio in Frankfurt, Germany, where he currently serves as a Senior Character Artist. Prior to joining the Crysis developers he worked at Splash Damage (Brink) and German studio Cranberry Production. Below you'll see a selection of his work, much of it from his contributions to the team behind Crysis and much of that from the recent Crysis 3.

Note that Manuel isn't the only person responsible for many of these images; while he built models and contributed to design work many of the characters, for example, were also sketched out by Timur Mutsaev, someone I've really got to get around to featuring here soon.

You can see more of Manuel's art at his personal page.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.


    Battle Owl is amazing. More games and stories need Battle Owl.

    The artwork in Crysis is truly amazing. Shame the game is just another on rails shooter.

      You mean linear right, because on rails it another style of game. 2 very distinct styles which are not related to each other as one is typically/predominantly story related i.e. linear and the other is control/mechanic based i.e. rails.

        It's a saying dude, not a definition.

    It is a term used to describe a specific subset of gaming when certain conditions and or criteria is met. Don't know how you can confuse rails-shooter and linear.

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