First Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Gameplay Trailer Is Equally Exciting And Terrifying

Temples hidden deep within uncharted jungles, dramatic pirate ship battles, 20 seconds of GameStop pimping at the end. The first gameplay trailer for Black Flag shows everything I look for in a blockbuster action-adventure, and one thing I do not.

It's not the sharks so much as the container they come in. While I had no trouble taking on the fish kingdom's remorseless killers in Far Cry 3, in that Ubisoft title the critters were in shallow water, with the shoreline just a short swim away. In the open seas? No way — that's just not happening.

The ocean is beautiful and boundless and all that, but, as a student of history, I can't help but notice how little space it leaves between air-breathing humans and drowning horribly, clawing at your neck while peaceful dolphins frolic nearby. Any place that makes you wish a shark would eat you is no place to play.

I'll just have Totilo play those parts and tell me about them.



      Yeah, but the graphics? Is this PS4? Is this what we have been waiting for graphically after more than half a decade? It looks very nice for 360 / PS3, but, I mean, they must be showing the graphics for those consoles only at this stage, right?

      That seems like a strange decision to me.

    Haven't used the firearms in AC3 yet unless I had to ignite something or when required in the tutorial missions.

    Looks like they will be more prominent this time around.

    Did anyone use them primarily when playing the last one?

      Yep. Clunky and awkward.

        Hopefully they sacked whoever designed the controls/ interface for ACIII.
        The shooting system was ridiculous, as was the way you had to load in and out of a menu to “quick” change weapons.

          This. So bloody much this. Especially after Brotherhood abd Rev streamlined it so beautifully.

      Nop. After wasting 20 minutes on the tutorial level where you have to shoot the barrels, because for some reason I had to aim half a screen to the left with no indication to have to do so or explanation why, I gave up on the game, quit and played Empire: Total War instead.

      I used them a lot. I loved the shooting mechanics but that's because I didn't try to aim like everybody else. All you have to do is highlight the enemy and press Y and you'll hit him. It's easy.

      It's also pretty convenient having all these guns just lying around from dead people.

        I'm sure if you use target focus to aim it's a lot more fluid and simple. But that initial tutorial shoot the barrels where I couldn't focus and had to aim half a screen away made me rage quit pretty early. Maybe I'll give the game another chance sometime.

    Jesus, I haven't finished Brotherhood, wasn't interested in Revelations, and barely been able to drag myself through the beginning of AC3 and now there's more...

    Totally Ubisoft's 'Call of Duty'. I'm actually sick of seeing it.

      Don't play it then.

        Not playing it doesn't resolve the issue of seeing it everywhere I go.

        Not so simple.

          Ignore it.

            Unfortunately, ignorance is not bliss... as we're generally led to believe.

              No, but allowing something you're not interested in to cause you such anguish doesn't seem very rational.
              To each one's own I suppose.

                Rational, no.
                But I have intense anger issues and find it difficult to ignore things that irritate me.

                It's a hard life. :)

    My interest has been officially piqued! The breaching whale did it.....

    That was... Fucking exciting! Damn you Ubisoft! That looks like the kinda game my 12 year old self was imagining when I was watching my friend play monkey island... It is awesome how much games are advancing, but how at the same time it can feel like overboard: I only just finished Brotherhood (loved it) lost interest in Revelations, and have only played a scratch n sniff portion of AC3. But I totally want this!

    Couldn't agree more. It feels like they are really abusing a franchise that could have been alot more. I lost interest after 2, got a few hours into brotherhood and got bored. AC should not be a yearly release, especially not when they are filled with bugs and the changes are minimal.

    Alright Ubi, I'm back on board.

    Hahahahahaaaaa, "ON BOARD" HAHAHAHAHA

    Not sure why, but i'm just not excited for this. Played every AC on release day, and they just seem to be getting worse. Is it just me???

    Looks pretty awesome, but doesn't look like it needs to be an AC game. That franchise has gone off the rails a bit in the last few iterations... (no, I'm not going to use the phrase "jumped the shark"; that would be in bad taste).

    They need to streamline AC3 so much for this to work. Cut the Sims rubbish, bring back the wheel menus for weapons, and oh - a decent writer.

    If that happens, it may be a day one purchase again. (No more AC special editions for me though, Ubisoft.)

    I only got a few hours into AC3. Did nothing for me and I found it annoying at times. I got to a bit where it was an ease dropping thing. A couple times I got busted and I had no motivation to keep trying.

    I will give it a shot at some point.

    This does look good though.

    Aw man. Just before the pirate details were released I started reading Treasure Island and Robinson Crusoe ... not sure I can afford it but I may have to indulge in this one.

    A lot of the trading ships targeted by pirates were 'Slavers'. I think Blackbeards most famous ship was originally a French Slaver, and some of the caribean islands were essentially slave concentration camps. I wonder how/if they broach this subject. I didn't see too many black faces in the video.

    That was exciting and a little worrying. Consider me intruiged. And SHARKS!!! Hell yes.

    It looks interesting, but Im kinda bummed out by AC3, so Im weary. Ill most likely get it, but I dont think I'll pre-order it unless theres a very good reason to.

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