First Look At Drakengard 3

Square Enix is readying a new Drakengard game. Dubbed Drakengard 3 (Drag-On Dragoon 3 or ドラッグオンドラグーン3 in Japanese), the action role-playing game follows the adventures of Zero (ゼロ) and her younger sister named "One" ("Wan" or ウン).

Zero, who sports an artificial left hand, has a flower that sprouts from her right eye. Her special power is called "Utautai" (ウタウタイ), which in the game is the ability to use singing as a magical power. In Japanese "utautai" (歌うたい) means "singer" or "vocalist".

Her younger sister, One, also has the Utautai special power. But the two sisters are very different: Zero has more of a carefree and even lazy personality, which strikes a marked contrast compared to her serious and intellectual little sister.

The game has players make their way through battle, and when the characters are soaked in blood, then the magical power of song reaches its apex.

The singleplayer game is slated for release sometime this year on the PlayStation 3. No word about a Western release.

ドラッグオンドラグーン3 ジャンル/アクション [2ch]


    Is it safe to say no one was expecting a 3rd Drakengard? This is quite the pleasant surprise.

      oh yeaaah! :D loved Drakengard for PS2!

    One's Japanese name should be ワン (Wan), not ウン (Un)...

    But Cavia is no more. Who is developing Brian? Is it just in house? Meh, unless they're using primarily Cavia people I'm offended rather than excited, there's simply no one out there that can do the same stuff Cavia did, and I'd be flat out devestated if this turned out to be generic SE tripe. Research time! God I'm so conflicted right now, what if it doesn't connect to Nier?!!??! What if it does, but in a really pointless crappy way?!?!

      For anyone interested/as in love with Cavia as I was, it's being developed by Access games, so consider me devestated. Deadly premonition was quirky and messed up, but not in the masterful way Drakengard and Nier's narrative was.

      However! There is a however! The game is being directed and written by Yoko Taro, who directed Nier, though he didn't write it. So there's that, maybe he'll manage to do something with the Access Team. It's also nice to see him working on another proper release instead of social games.

      Also Keiichi Okabe is composing, so at the very least it will have an amazing soundtrack. Maybe I'll just buy that :D
      All in all, could be worse, but could be a lot better.

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