First Look At The Free Left 4 Dead 2 X Resident Evil 6 Crossover In Action

As revealed last week, two of video games' biggest zombie-centric franchises will be bumping uglies when crossover content for the PC versions of Resident Evil 6 and Left 4 Dead 2 hits in in two weeks. This video shows what it looks like when Coach, Nick, Ellis and Rochelle take on the BOWs of Capcom's global apocalypse, with Special Infected enemies from L4D2 popping in to mix things up.

Remember this undead mashup won't cost anything, so look for it as an added option on April 5.


    Huge L4D fan, so was excited, but that looks terrible. Are resident evil games like that now, all arcaded up?

      If this is the first exposure you've had to RE since the Gamecube/PS2 then i'm sorry for you. Yes, Resident Evil has become an arcade/action series. The closest thing we have to the original genre right now is Resident Evil: Revelations.

    mini tank?
    i thought it ws a charger ... lol

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