For These Amazing Cosplayers, The Stage Is Their Laboratory

Team C.S.L. doesn't only feature some of the best cosplayers in South Korea, but the entire world. The cosplay collective has represented its country at the World Cosplay Summit (think: "Cosplay Olympics") several times. And for good reason. Team C.S.L. is great.

"C.S.L." stands for "Cosplay Stage Laboratory". What makes this collective so interesting is that its somewhat varied, with a pretty good mix of male and female cosplayers. That, and the group's outfits, pictures, and props are all top notch.

Have a look at the team's cosplay work.

CSL.official [Facebook] TEAM CSL [Official Site — Thanks Sang!]


    If its the Cosplay Olympics, does Photoshop count as a performance enhancer?

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