Four PS4 Controllers, Under Glass, From Almost Every Angle

We've seen leaked images of the PS4 controller. We've seen Sony people hold the PS4 controller in their hands. But not until our intrepid Kirk Hamilton hustled into the Sony area of the Game Developers Conference show floor today have we been able to see the PS4 controller... in the wild?

Well, it's in a glass box. Four of them are. At least we can peer at them for some time.

And look at that PlayStation 4 Eye in the centre. It's the life of this party!

We still have no clue what the console will look like. We're not sure Sony does either. The PS4 is scheduled for release this Christmas.


    i like the controller, looks pretty good i reckon.

    super keen to handle this bad-boy
    I agree with browny, it is an excellent looking controller.

    you know, those coloured lights are on. Wouldn't it mean they are connected to a PS4 near by?

      I thought so too, but they probably have them slightly modded to have the lights on with no connection just for the shows/expos

      Or that they've paired them with a PC that has told them to show those colours. The communication protocol is Bluetooth, so it wouldn't be that difficult to set up.

    Anyone else thinks it looks like the Ouya controller?

      i see a resemblance too.
      will have to see what yhe black ouya controllers look like compared to it.

    looks like some great changes to the controller, but that Eye looks pretty chunky to be sitting on top of a thin led or plasma tv, or at the bottom right smack where the surround sound centre speaker sits...hope it can sit offset from centre (i.e. on one side of the TV)!

    im liking the new look of the first i was like hesitant on redesigning the PS controller but i gotta admit it looks ergonomically right..i would love if it feels like a matte finish

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