Fruit Ninja Dev Halfbrick Wants Junior Designers For Its Brisbane Studio

You may have heard of a little studio called Halfbrick. Oh, who am I kidding? Along with Firemint (now Firemonkeys), Halfbrick is probably Australia's most well-known mobile developer with hits including Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja under its belt. The reason it's being mentioned today? Halfbrick is on the hunt for junior designers.

The job listing went up on local games industry site Tsumea yesterday afternoon, requesting individuals keen on game design (and with the credentials to boot) to apply for a role at the developer's Brisbane studio.

Going by the post title, Halfbrick is actually after multiple designers, not just one, so you're odds of snagging an interview (and eventually a paying job) are better than usual.

Submissions are open until April 5, which means there's plenty of time to tighten your resume and update your portfolio. For specific details on the position and how to apply, hit up the listing on Tsumea below.

Halfbrick is on the lookout for junior designers [Tsumea]


    Maaan, I wish I had my shit together *facepalm*

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