Gearbox Teases Burly New Borderlands 2 Playable Character

At South By Southwest in Austin, Gearbox debuted a teaser trailer that hints at the addition of a new character to Borderlands 2. The character isn't fully shown, but looks to be some sort of melee-focused badass.

The video above comes via Polygon, who are on the ground at SXSW.

"A new vault hunter is coming," the teaser video promises. What do you think? Think it'll be a return of Brick-style brawling? I'd be in, but then again, I've barely even managed to mess around with the last downloadable character, the Mechromancer.


    The Mechromancer is one of the best classes in the game, so on one hand I'm excited but on the other hand....all the other DLC has been crap, average at best.

      Yeah that's my issue too; I have the season pass and still waiting for the level cap increase; the dlc feels a little hollow as I don't get any weapon upgrades and can't get any more exp...

        I have bad new for you, Hippy.
        The level cap increase is in a new "season" of DLC so you will have to purchase another pass.

          What really? I heard they had some trouble getting the increase working properly; seems dumb to pay more for it... I really enjoyed the game, got into the first dlc and waddled through the second; but skipped to the end of the third so was really waiting on the forth chapter to knock it out of the park!

      You kidding me? Captain Scarlet was awesome. The Torgue DLC wasn't as good IMO, and lord knows Torgue tokens were grossly unnecessary, but it was still pretty fun and added more to the game. I haven't played the most recent one so I can't comment. But it's definitely not been "crap".

        Ok, maybe crap was a bit harsh....but for me, personally, they've all been super disappointing.
        They all have lots of likeable elements, but very little cohesion or polish, especially compared to the main game which is amazing.
        I think what's most disappointing for me is that I can see so much more potential in the DLC's. The main game filled its potential to the brim, but the DLC's have all been lackluster in some way or another, like having huge environments but not much to do, or only being able to finish the final boss twice, or just having a really dull plot (Hammerlock DLC), etc, etc.

        Lets just put it this way: even if the new character looks totally worthwhile I won't be playing the DLC's with him (maybe Scarlett).

          I guess part of the problem is that the DLCs aren't integrated into the main game so they come off as feeling incomplete or unpolished. Personally though I love any excuse to put more hours into Borderlands, and they were crafted well enough for me to enjoy them.

    I still haven't played the last lot of DLC. I'm not feeling this one like the first Borderlands. It's not that it's crap, it's just missing something that I can't quite put my finger on.

    I'll put my finger on it for you....
    Increased level cap and bag capacity upgrades.
    Thats what the dlc has been missing.

    Yep, hand to hand combat brawler of some kind... sweet.

    I've really been missing playing Brick in BL2 so this makes me really happy. Zer0 just doesn't have the same charm as a melee character. Also, Explooosssioonss?

      Zero doesn't need charm......he has Many Must Fall

    I dont want another giant muscle freak :\

    Borderlands 1 boring. BL1 DLC great
    Borderlands 2 great. BL 2 DLC dear god kill it with fire!

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