Get A First Look At Broken Age, Double Fine's New Adventure Game, In Action

Given a name over the weekend, Broken Age, the end result of a record-breaking Kickstarter effort run by Tim Schafer's Double Fine, now has some gameplay footage.

Only a little, sandwiched between interviews with key developers, but then, this isn't your standard sleep-inducing developer diary. It's a documentary put together by the very talented 2 Player Productions, so you should really watch the whole thing.

Below is part one of the series, being shown on GameTrailers, with more to come throughout the week.


    holy shit Tim Schafer has lost weight good for him

      He also lost his beard. This is bad for him.

        They seem to be misplaced. Check the inventory and combine the two items. No, that doesn't work.

          They are on the first island, you missed them.

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