Go To A LAN, Raise Money For Children With Cancer

Relief LANs — it's a non-profit group with two specific goals. Run LANs, raise money for charity. Win win. It's running an event on April 6 in Victoria — why not go along?

Head here for details — it takes place April 6 from 10am-8pm an Diamond Creek in Victoria and costs $15 for entry. Bring your own computer, monitor, games, etc.

There are more details available at their official website and on the Facebook page.


    Too bad I've already prepaid for Respawn LAN (http://respawn.com.au/) which goes on the same day/weekend. 24/7 and awesome fun :D I might try to end up at both though :)

    Hey guys, I'm Andrew, the founder of Relief LANs! I'd be happy to answer any questions you've got about us. Hope to see you on the 6th!

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    Is anyone in NSW thinking of holding one up here for you guys?

      Unfortunately not; I lack contacts in the area, and we're still in a growing stage in Melbourne.

    Good idea - bad timing. There's already a LAN on that weekend (Respawn).

      Yeah, we found out about that just too late unfortunately...

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