Google's New GIF Search Filter Will Help You Find All The _______ You'll Ever Need

You spend a lot of time looking at GIFs. Sports. Cats. NES games. NSFW stuff. Sometimes you have to dig and dig looking for what you want. But, according to The Week, Google now has new search filters that will make finding those silent, bite-sized animations even easier.

The details are in this Google+ post:

Starting today, there's an easier way to unearth those gems: when you do an image search, click on "Search tools" below the search box, then select "Animated" under the "Any type" dropdown box.

See? Easy. Less time looking, more time laughing/not working.


    and 90% of all GIF searches will be for cats.

      That's because cats are awesome.

      That's not how you spell bewbs

        Phone and spelling and autocorrect.

        Last edited 21/03/13 9:29 am

        But its on way to spell pussy... Cats. Oh sh!t, gotta love these immature jokes, they're awesome. Immature, is that the right word?

    Cry havoc and let slip the cats of war!

      aww ... look it, that one fell down. It's so cute *gets burnt to a crisp*

    Google image searches have offered a GIF filter for as long as I can remember using Google. And I've been using it for a while.

    Guess there's no need for Gergo Vas now.

    but will it be popular enough for google to shut it down and ruin your week?

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