Gritty Pokémon Snap Shouldn't Work This Well

What happens when you turn Pokémon Snap into a dramatic movie full of hardship, triumph and betrayal? This video by GrittyReboots happens — and, as ridiculous as the concept sounds, they manage to make it work.

I'd say I want to go play Pokémon Snap now, but it wouldn't hit the same notes as this movie now would it?

Pokémon Snap: Gritty Reboot [GrittyReboots]


    That was incredibly silly. Especially Prof Oaks voice (which was remarkably similar to his voice on Pokemon Snap, good work there)

    It's also based of the 3D 20th anniversary edition of Jurassic Park Trailer.

    This makes me want to see a Pokemon Snap game on either Wii U or 3DS, either one of those consoles would be perfect for this sort of game

    Actually worth clicking play, was going in cringing but came out actually thinking it was quite well done in a "good" way, not a "so bad it's good" way

    Also, Pokemon Snap U, kgo

    They also have a Harvest Moon Reboot, I really enjoyed both of them.

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