GTA's Worst Taxi Driver Sure Has An Interesting Shortcut

There's no shortage of ridiculous videos of people driving in Grand Theft Auto IV, but this one is particularly crazy. Take one taxi, a passenger and what is clearly a deranged driver and you have the makings of something, well, stupid.

Most of the action takes place from the inside the car, with "action" meaning hitting pedestrians, performing impromptu barrel rolls a metre off the street and oh, firing some sort of special sky rocket. It must be super-secret taxi tech, because I can't say I've ever seen a cab — let alone any vehicle — get quite that much air using a regular car engine.

At least the driver was right... that certainly was a fun way to go.

That guy's crazy. Like a taxi. [YouTube, via Dorkly]


    Looks like they've just edited the vehicles config file... Not all that funny.

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