Hacker Likes Using The Sims 3 Torrents To Acquire Women 'Slaves'

Over the weekend, Ars Technica wrote a great feature on hackers who abuse remote administration tools (RAT) in order to gain access to the computers of strangers. The purpose of using a RAT in this case is to gain control of computers featuring webcams — these allow the hackers to spy on their targets, which they call "slaves".

What the hacker might do once he gains control of someone's computer depends on the hacker. Some are content merely to watch. Some go through files, hoping to find compromising footage or pictures. Some steal personal information, like Steam accounts. Some like to mess with the target "slaves", and that can be done in a lot of ways — maybe they'll force people to watch porn, or they'll hide the start menu (just as a couple of examples).

Targets of interest are often women — most of the hackers tend to be male according to the article.

"I seem to get a lot of female slaves by spreading Sims 3 with a [RAT] server on torrent sites," wrote one hacker on a forum.

The Sims is a franchise that boasts a high female userbase, so it's not surprising that a hacker would use a torrent of the latest Sims game to acquire more women "slaves." This is but one of the methods listed to acquire more targets, though.

It's crazy to think there might be someone out there watching you through your own webcam, no?

Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams [Ars Technica]


    Wouldnt be surprised if EA did this themselves for DRM

    Seems like the only people that would do this would he some loser d!cks that got nothing better to do. Funny part is, that's as far as they'll ever get if they continue, probably involve authorities too.

    This is not a woman's issue.

    Anyone (male or female) who torrents cracked software is opening themselves to risk. That could be malware and viruses to stuff like using the use of RATs described here. Don't mindless trust the internet - use your brain.

    But there is a woman's issue.

    The big question that Patricia could address is why is software piracy okay if you're a women? The women "slaves" have gotten to that position through their own acts of software piracy, but never does this article writer question that act.

      Probably because spying on someone's private life without permission is reprehensible regardless of the victims circumstance. I wouldn't think it any more 'morally' justifyable to use the same invasion of privacy on a suspected murderer or burglar.

      Put simply, the victim here is not in question and even if it were men downloading the torrents it would not be in question. The article is about sick perverts sneaking software onto peoples machines to spy on them, hell these guys could've hid their malware in legitimate free software for all it matter.

        I agree with what your saying, but why the focus on women? It makes no sense unless its somehow less bad to pirate if your a woman, so your less deserving of being hacked. This is a seriously weird article.

          Ughh, what's wrong with you? No one is saying that it's less bad for women to pirate than for men to pirate. The article focuses on women because the hackers are primarily trying to access the webcams of women. Get some perspective dude, doing a minor crime like torrenting software doesn't make a person "deserving" of being hacked.

      I don't think Patricia is endorsing piracy for women, or even suggesting that it's less wrong when a woman does it compared to when a man does it. If anything, this is probably a cautionary tale against piracy for women (though this can apply to anyone in general). The main theme of the article, however, is just that women are specifically being targeted by some hackers as evident of them using The Sims 3 to get the RATs onto their computers.

        I highly doubt it's TARGETING women. The hacker just commented that they seem to get more women users with The Sims 3. No hacker is going to target a specific gender, that's just stupid. You'll probably find that the same hack was in MULTIPLE big games, The Sims 3 just happened to be one of them. And it just happened to make for an article. Seriously, hackers target women for slaves, that's a good headline

          Well that's what the hacker described them as. Also why wouldn't he be targeting women? These people aren't just hacking into the computer they are trying to view the actual person and their surrounds. I know tonnes of guys who would like to get a sneak peek of a hottie but these creeps are willing to go the whole hog.

            It's fairly circumstantial. Firstly, it sounds as if the hacker was just making an observation. Secondly, it makes the assumption that they were hacking for the sole purpose of peeking in on girls. You know what else RAT's let you do? It lets you build a bot net of slaves. The term doesn't come from making a slave of women, it comes from turning the COMPUTER into a slave in a botnet. It's how large scale DDOS' are performed. You infect a HUGE amount of computers, as many as you can, and then direct them to perform a DDOS. The more slaves you have in your botnet, the stronger your attack

              While true that the term 'slave' is not specific to misogynist ideologies here, the capabilities of RATs to create a botnet surely shouldn't require access to a persons webcam; which is the point of interest in this article. I don't see why any ordinary hacker would want to spread a RAT that particularly does have this feature in a torrent that it would be almost impossible not to know that women would show interest in if they weren't at all into a bit of voyeurism.

                RAT is just Remote Administrative Tools. All it does is let the hacker take control of the computer. Yes, it does let the hacker view the webcam, but it let's them do pretty much anything with a computer. Hackers don't go "Oh, well, I COULD infect them with this, but it grants me TOO much power, I'll just infect them with something that grants me much less power"

                I'm not saying that a few hackers didn't go looking through the webcams of those they hacked, hell, I would too. What I am saying is that the article is written in such a way as to draw rather broad conclusions from very very little

      the article isn't really about games. that was just the hook Patricia used to
      put it up on kotaku. at any rate its worth reading the original, scary stuff! don't open executables.

    Would a good anti-virus detect these RAT's? I remember the old days playing pranks on friends with the old trojan virus's, making their CD tray pop out and sending random messages.

    Serves them right for downloading a pirated copy.

    Skip Patricia's feminopsis and just read the source article for actual content.

    I completely agree with @snacuum, there is no excuse for that kind of privacy invasion regardless of what that person has done. Having your privacy invaded like that or things taken from your computer is just disgusting, and the thought of it just makes me sick. Something similar has happened to me in the past, and it really made my life hell for a long time.

    These poor innocent women being invaded like that is just repulsive.

      Innocent? Being targeted through the act of a criminal offence hardly makes them innocent. Two wrongs don't make a right though.

        They are still innocent. Doing any form of crime or misdemeanor is not immediate grounds to remove all of your rights. Just as being guilty of one crime does not automatically make one guilty of another.

          The patriot act kind of does exactly that.

    I think you are wrong Patricia, a Slave is a computer that has been hacked by the hackers computer. Slave has nothing to do with the actual person owning the slave computer.

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