Halo 4 Is Giving You All A Free Map, So You Can Make Maps While You Map

In these dark days of micro-transactions and overpriced DLC, as a horde we've become used to paying hand over fist for map packs. Now 343i, the new Halo folks, are giving a map away for free. Ironically, it's a map that will allow you to create many more maps of your own. This is a good thing.

The map is called 'Forge Island' and, as the name suggests, it's a map designed to be used with forge.

Cleverly, Forge Island is actually made up of three islands — a large, medium-sized, and small island — giving forgers space to create the kind of level that interests them. Fans of Halo multiplayer exist across a wide spectrum — some prefer big team battles, whereas others like small, super balanced, competitive spaces. Forge Island accommodates all sorts.

Forge Island will be available on April 11, three days after the release of the Castle Map Pack, which you will have to purchase. IGN has a look at the map pack in its entirety, which you can watch above.

It's strange, but the announcement of this new map, and the footage of the new maps has left me a little cold. As a massive fan of Halo's multiplayer, Halo 4 has easily been the game in the series I've played least. I feel as though the game has lost its identity a little, and tried to cater to a different crowd. That makes me a little sad.

But still, free map. Looks great! We should celebrate or something!


    Hey, maybe by the time Halo 5 rolls around they'll start to consider a local only search option.

      Well said. A free map might be nice but it's just a free map that won't make a difference without good connection search options.

      Halo 4 represents a total abandonment of the international audience.

    User generated content is the Way of the Dragon. (*Bruce Lee kick's arse)

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    "As a massive fan of Halo’s multiplayer, Halo 4 has easily been the game in the series I’ve played least."

    I am absolutely the same. It's weird, but I loved Halo 4 when it came out, I thought 343i did an amazing job (still do); but here I am months down the track and I find myself not playing it a whole lot..... Personally, I think it's just that feeling you got when playing a Bungie Halo game that 343i is having problems replicating (be it the age of the series or what ever reason). They have at least 2 more games to come, so there is still hope!

    PS: That map brings back memories of Halo 3 ODST..... Some good, but mostly "meh" memories lol

    Nice. This is why I like the Halo games - the freedom to make a level yourself and make up games that the developers don't have to dictate.

    Forge Island? Cool. I'm just glad Bungie hadn't already done something similar like a Forge World befo... oh.

    I was honestly surprised there wasn't one in Halo 4 to begin with.

    I was a bit disappointed in Halo 4 - the single player campaign was too short, and the lack of a Firefight mode was really off putting for someone without broadband but...
    ...having finally got broadband two days ago I'm loving the Spartan Ops missions - they (so far) really flesh out 4's originally poor story, and despite getting totally pwnd by pre-psychotic 12 year olds I'm enjoying multiplayer (search for local would improve it greatly though). I'm yet to try out my other games multiplayer yet, mainly coz halo is proving to be quite fun...

    I still think Reach was a better game overall though

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