Her Amazing Dress Is Made Of Magic: The Gathering Cards

Meet Amy Demicco. She's wearing the coolest dress in Boston this weekend at the PAX East convention. Her dress is made almost entirely out of playing cards for Magic: The Gathering. She estimates that she's got about 800 cards in this ensemble, mostly in the helmet.

Check out the video above and she'll explain why and how she did it.

Here's a close-up shot of her axe, which is also made of Magic cards:

There's one downside to all this: Magic cards, she told me, aren't all that study. Sweat separates the fronts from the backs, and by the end of the weekend, her ensemble won't be wearable. For now, though, it's awesome.

Check out Amy's tumblr for more about this and other Magic-card outfits she's made and worn.


    She was probably on the receiving end of 'tap' jokes all day; it doesn't really help that 'tapping' a card involves turning it sideways either :/

      God, that didn't occur to me. If I was her, and the billionth dork comes up and opens his mouth "Tap two t-" Bang! Right in the kisser.

    Does she have hexproof ?

    Love it! Unique, geek cred, fantastic cosplay!

    Hmm, time for Jace and some extreme mill action.

    I hope they were all Rares or nothing to see here

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