Here, Enjoy The World's Hottest Spin Kick

If you haven't seen the 2003 Thai action flick Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior, you really, really need to.Here's one of the film's most memorable scenes, which just might be the closest we'll ever get to Fei Long's shienkyaku.

Ong-Bak went on to spawn two sequels, Ong-Bak 2 and Ong-Bak 3. The films' mastermind, Tony Jaa, is starring in the upcoming 3D action flick, The Protector 2.

ストリートファイターのフェイロンのキックを真似したら危険 [@attrip]


    Fuck that was a good movie, i need to get it again got some people to educate :P

    ... and there's an Ong Bak game on the way this year. That should stop some impending whining.

    Ong Bak was pretty terrible, but the stunts are jaw dropping. Pretty standard Thai choreography: lots of guys hanging around waiting for a massive kick to the face. Those stuntmen take big damage. Ong Bak 2 had much better action, but an even worse story. 3 doesn't have a whole lot going for it.

    If you're impressed by Ong Bak you should check out the slightly lesser known Born to Fight. That movie has pretty crazy stunts. Also Bangkok Knockout, which is beyond abysmal as a movie but entertaining enough as a stunt reel.

      It's a bit unfair to say they are pretty terrible from a traditional film standpoint, they're not made to win oscars for screen writing or acting, they're made to have amazing fights and stunts and i'd say Ong Bak achieved that in spades. It also breathed some life into the genre (for a little while) which hasn't happened since Jackie Chan was at his prime.

      The protector was pretty good, again not stellar in terms of acting or writing, but the stunts and martial arts were awesome.

      I had no idea about the game, however if movie tie ins have any reputation at all it's that they are utter shite, so i wouldn't have my hopes up.

        It's not really unfair. A good martial arts movie should be both a good movie and have good fights. I'll admit that there aren't all that many that reach that level, but the Ong Bak movies were below average even for martial arts films.

        No question that Ong Bak lit a fire, though. Donnie Yen said that SPL was a response to audiences fawning over Thai action movies, a way to show that HK was still relevant. Since then he's gone on to basically be the flag bearer for HK action cinema and produced the best films of his career.

          HK (*style) action movies have always had pretty basic story - just an excuse for martial arts & stunts. But there are a lot of HK movies with great story - but you won't find them on western shelves most of the time. Subtitle is always the way to go though.
          Jackie Chan and Jet Li have many, many awesome movies mostly unknown to a lot of people who only know Rush Hour and Romeo Must Die. Their best films are really from the 80's & 90's.

          Tony Jaa's, The Protector has mindblowing choreography! My favourite of his movies :D
          (basic story though)

            Of note;

            "Miracles" by Jackie Chan, and "Dr. Wai & the Scriptures Without Words" from the Jet.

              "Miracles"/"Mr. Canton and Lady Rose"/"The Canton Godfather" is easily my favourite Jackie flick. It's not his most popular, but I love it.

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                I think Jackie was very proud of it as well - He never stopped going on about the camera work in the making of doco, from what I remember.

                Also, don't think, that I think you know nothing about HK film (I hate it when that happens :P )

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    Super up-to-date news here, it's only 10 YEARS OLD.

    lol Tony Jaa is the worse actor
    yes he has stunt but thats about it

      Which sums up every action star ever?

        lol common ... u cant say the rock is a bad actor... oh wait oh oh oh .... lol

        lol... but I think it's usually the scripts rather than the actors.

        Sure, there are those like Chuck Norris, who's always terrible, and Arnie, who is always Arnie, but there are plenty of others who do a good job when the material/director is actually halfway decent. Van Damme, for example, has matured into quite a competent actor. He's been turning in surprisingly good performances even is his direct-to-video stuff.

          But where would we be without cheesy action quotes :P
          *oldie but a goodie:

    I think my favourite, over-the-top, not-taking-self-seriously kungfu movie would have to be Shaolin Soccer.. while there is no firey-feet, spin kicking.. this clip reminds me of that outlandishness :)

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    Very true. I mean without Ong Bak, would we have had Raid: Redemption (which if any martial arts movie fan hasn't seen yet, go see it now!)

    Also RE: Donnie Yen, have you seen Flashpoint? Some great MMA inspired fight scenes in there but still with the feel of a 80s era HK action movie.

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