Here's 16.5 Minutes Of BioShock Infinite, In Case You're Not Playing It Already

You read our review of Bioshock Infinite. You've heard other people's reviews; from the overwhelmingly positive to the sceptical outlier. But what if you're still not convinced?

To give you a taste of what's in store for you, here's a play though of the first 15 minutes of Bioshock Infinite on the PS3. It's just enough to give you a sense of the mood and tone of the game without spoiling too much of the experience.

Also, since there's no combat in the first 15 minutes, here's a quick sample of how the game flows once you're neck-deep in combat. Enjoy, assuming you aren't already.


    I had to smile at the comment about hearing everyone's reviews from the overwhelmingly positive to the skeptical outlier. Reviews for a game that is about a community wrapped up in its own righteousness and devotion to the words of an evangelical fanatic being invaded by a skeptical outlier. I'm kinda torn, it looks interesting and everyone seems to tout the story and atmosphere as the best part, but the combat seems like it doesn't really innovate much on the tired FPS genre.

    Have to wait a few days to download it. Can't wait!

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