Here’s Eight Minutes Of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

Here’s Eight Minutes Of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

I didn’t realise Activision’s shooter The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is due for release in just a few days — March 21 to be exact. If you haven’t had a chance to see the game in action, the following video made its way onto YouTube, showing off eight minutes and 20 seconds of play.

Initial impressions are that it looks like a suburban version of Dead Island, but there’s something about the whole thing that screams “Low budget!”, despite the acting talent the publisher has recruited to add authenticity to the proceeds.

The gameplay in the video above also appears in chopped-up form in a GameSpot “behind the scenes” video featuring Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker, who play Daryl and Merle Dixon on the show.

The two are also a prominent part of the game, lending their faces and voices to their 3D representations.

Telltale’s interpretation nailed everything good about The Walking Dead — and the realities of post-apocalyptic survival in general — but what big publisher could ignore the deliciousness of a zombie shooter based on a super-successful IP? You want to like it — it has Norman Reedus in it after all — but going from the gameplay here, I’ll be damned if it’s not trying its best to make me not want to play it.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct — Walkthrough Part 1 and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct — Behind the Scenes [YouTube]


  • There is no front execution with the knife which i find a fail, i don’t think they went the extra mile in the development from the looks of it but could be interesting to play tho being a fan of the series.

    Also the guy who made that video needs to go back to shooting school and survival school. With some time playing fallout, could of made that fun better and a lot he did miss.

    • Yeah why would you just stand there slashing at their face repetitively when you could just drive the knife into an eye socket or somewhere where you would actually hit the brain.

      Yup, this reeks of movie-tie-in syndrome, which is a real shame because this had a lot of potential with some of the original voice actors being involed. Sigh.

      • Not to mention they go stiff as a board and sort of ‘levitate backwards’ as they fall lol. Highly laughable physics. If this were released in 2003 it would be ok. But now? C’mon… also, those close up textures are *terrible* on anything that isn’t a zombie.

    • “There is no front execution with the knife ”

      Except the trailer shows the player doing this twice?

      • Maybe it’s an “unlockable” skill or something like that. Dunno. I’m a massive Walking Dead fan but this just looks a bit rushed to me. The graphics need serious improvement, the combat (so far) looks horrible and while discussing the game the devs have said NOTHING about the story itself. Meh.

      • the thing is… you dont know how the game is going to be, simple as that. if you are a fan of the walking dead in general you really should be ashamed about the fact that you have such low hopes for the game. fukcin shame…

        • Not really, given past experience TV/Movie tie-ins are generally pretty poor.

          That said, I never made any comments about this game in particular, just that people continuing to purchasing games regardless of their quality, simply because they’re a fan of the franchise will ensure that developers will keep pushing out rubbish to make a quick buck.

          I would love it if this game was good, if not amazing. Unfortunately what I’ve seen so far doesn’t give me too much hope.

  • This looks like complete garbage and the reviews will say the same once this game is released. They’re charging 80 bucks for what should be 15.

  • Graphical fidelity of call of duty classic! Six month development time! No input by Robert Kirkman at all! 100% day one buy!

  • The FOV in this game is bloody terrible, I feel like I’m playing Medal of Honour…. ONE! It also looks about the same too, This game looks fucking horrible.

  • i was probably the last person to watch the video before they took it down. im glad i watched it tho, saved myself money, i just canceled my pre order after watching that, the graphics are totally fine, its the animations that are killing me, when you “stab” a walker it looks like your just waving the knife past its face, and when the walker does go down it looks like a plank of wood being pushed down, too stiff. i bet this game has a great story and graphics are good, but those animations are embarrassing, i at least wanna feel/look like i’m killing a zombie, not just waving a knife in front of a plank of wood.

  • this is a game that could of had so much more potential.
    as soon as you mention Activsion, “prequel to characters story from the show” and no word if its open world or linear shooter give away that this game is gonna suck. i love The Walking Dead(comic and show), which is why I hate to see its IP being handeled in a manner that can only be described as a one big cash cow.
    stilll I will play it. anything has got to be better then that Dead Island abortion.

  • Im sorry, but any article written about a game days before it releases and the writer still gets the date wrong, is garbage. Not only is the date wrong, but the video posted is removed 8 hours after posted. The game will be awesome, couldnt care less what a bunch of people say about it because of the graphics. A game is going to suck? because of the graphics? get the hell out of here… Guess you never played TellTale games version, Borderlands, etc. Sorry, but a good portion of gamers now are spoiled little kids that put too much into graphics. It could have the worst graphics in a game ever, as long as the story is great, it will be a awesome game.

  • You have to realize everybody, the games if built more upon concept and the “Idea” of being like the show, which it does a good job doing by the finding resources and planning ahead of just shooting them in the heads. It takes more skill then anything. I think for the concept and the idea of the gameplay are good ideas. The only problem is the clunky gameplay. You just have to look beyond that in order to find an enjoyable game. Its not always about graphics. As for the combat system, its about planning before attacking. They picked a shit gamer to preveiw this video, everyone knows shooting will attract more walkers, bullets are a last resort for me, if you handed me the controller and I made an 8 minutes gameplay video, i would have made it look alot more worth while, cant we all say the same? Buy the game, play the game. Its going to be worth it I promise. And btw its not 80$, Its only 50$ flat

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