Here's Legend Of Grimrock 2's Very First Official Screenshot


    Really need to play the first game. Ive had it for over a year!

    The first was awesome but the whole dungeon setting got too repetitive for me. So I am definitely excited from seeing this.

    aw, I was actually holding out for something a little prettier. But it's ok, thoroughly enjoyed the first one. Though I wonder if it can instill that same sense of dread as being trapped in those dark tunnels did

    Hell yes. Looks awesome. The outside forested area is making me hope a Lands of Lore remake might be possible!

    Looks nice, I am still playing the first, it started great but I agree that after a few levels the dungeon becomes a bit repetitive, however still keen to finish it bit by bit then check out number 2. I hope they haven't put too many of those puzzles where you need to be lightning fast on the keyboard as I struggled with that.

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