Here's Our First Look At Diablo III Running On PS3

Here's the first sizzle-reel trailer for the PlayStation 3 version of Diablo III, which looks... well, about how you'd expect Diablo III to look running on a PS3. The button assignments seem like a natural fit for the game, lending some credence to that theory that the game was designed with consoles in mind from the start.

This video is of the PlayStation 3 version of the game, and it seems Blizzard is currently focusing on promoting that version, although the game is also expected to come to PS4. In contrast to its PC counterpart, the console version is confirmed to offer offline play and no real-money auction house.

Looks fine to me, although I've probably had my fill of Diablo III. Jason will be playing the game later this weekend at PAX. In the meantime, what do you guys think?


    Words cannot describe how much I hate this game.

      imho the game is not much better than any run of the mill ios arpg. What pisses me off about the whole Diablo III thing was how badly Blizzard messed up what was such a great game series on pc.

      Blizzard's games were only getting better and better. They were clearly moving in a positive direction. Many people noticed and felt this way about the developer and so purchased D3 on good faith, never expecting to be so betrayed by the company.

        I hate to disagree but I did. World of Warcraft was an epic game from the start. There was so much to love and enjoy. But as time went on they kept focusing on "Fun" and more "Casual" ways to play.

        By the time Diablo 3 hit I was expecting a much shallower game. Sadly I still expected it to be good, that I was very wrong about :-/

    Real Question is.... Do PS Owners get the real money auction house?

      In contrast to its PC counterpart, the console version is confirmed to offer offline play and no real-money auction house.

      Real Question is... Can you read?

      You really should learn to read the entire article.

    Wtf did anyone notice barb rolling in battling u can't do that on pc that's broken and I know this coz I beat inferno with all characters and barb can't roll at all why would they add that

    The PC versions better! *note, it's exactly the same.

    Congratulations PS owners! You get to have a sub-standard RPG that was released on PC a year ago! My guess is it will remain completely and utterly...sub-standard.

    Is this coming to 360 (and presumably the next XBox too)? A PC port would seem an odd choice for a PlayStation exclusive.

    Looks like it works well, would like to give it a go to see if it plays well too.

    It looks pretty but not really my kind of game -- there is just way to much happening on screen at once with these kind of games.

    Until (or even when) they fix it, not worth playing that much...

    I'm waiting for the announcement that tells us PS owners will get the first expansion free and PC owners will have to pay for it.

      Probably, although that usually happens in reverse where DLC that console players pay for is free on the PC, so turnabout is fair play in my opinion

    Will this be ported to PC I wonder? I kid I kid I seriously kid...

    but what I'm wondering, how soon til SC2 looks at getting ported as well?

    Those bitching about D3 being ported to console, Diablo was on the original Playstation and played exceedingly well, it was quite fun. Diablo has always been a console style series on a pc, its a fantastic game but in no way was it anything that wasn't suited to a console before.
    While I adore D1 and 2 on PC (D3 and I don't get along so much), I don't deny it would be great for console people to be able to play as well :) The more the merrier!!!!

      With Keyboard & Mouse support, it would be perfectly suitable.

        All it takes is driver support, and Bethesda & I.D. have been pushing for this on the Xbox720. Hope MS listens as modders will do it anyway, otherwise.

        With Keyboard & Mouse support, it would be perfectly suitable.

        Hur hur.

        It always worked fine with controller support on the ps1, the isometric view only allowed for 8 way movement anyhow and 8 way combat. People get far too pissy about when their favorite properties are ported. It's not like they lost their game, it just got expanded to other areas. It's not like you're forced to play it on another platform anyhow, just enjoy it on the pc. I'm sure the ps3/ps4 people are overjoyed they're getting a mediocre and subpar isometric clickfest!

        Last edited 23/03/13 1:40 pm

          No shit Sherlock :) What I'm saying is mouse & keyboard support can end the whole notion of a PC to console conversion being somehow inferior, even though it is identical 99% of the time.

      I honestly have no problems with it getting ported. I have a problem with the fact it was a very shallow boring game that had design choices imposed on it to make it more console friendly. Its a shame, but that being said those choice may still have been made reguardless of the console port - and still would have been a very boring bland game.

      Sadly, Diablo 2 and good old 1.10 patch with Synergies Reign supreme in the ARPG world!

    ppl stil cant see that the barb doesnt roll on the pc how can ppl miss this wtf is that

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