Here's The First Official Trailer For The Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

We only just got confirmation that the HD remasters of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 are coming to North America, and already the first official trailer has surfaced. So what if it's partly in German?

As far as we know, this trailer was supposed to come out tomorrow. We've reached out to Square Enix to see if their plans have changed now that the German version is apparently out, but we haven't heard back yet.

In the meantime, enjoy the footage from the remastered Final Fantasy X, displayed at the highest quality that Youtube can manage. In addition to giving us a peek, the trailer confirms once again that X and X-2 will be sold separately on Vita, rather than bundled together like on PS3. Our next question, naturally, is whether Sony's much-appreciated Cross-Buy principle will apply in any way, but it may be a while before we get an answer to that one.

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Debut Trailer [Reddit]


    This made my monday.

    Never played FF. What's so good about it. Is it a good way to get into this genre by playing a remastered game?

      Yes :) Final Fantasy is excellent, up until Final Fantasy 12 - which was the last great Final Fantasy game.

        Final fantasy 13 wasn't as bad as its made out to be, its just not as good when put next to the others.

          a solid battle system, sadly mixed with a sub-par story and characters, and being a bit too linear.

          i still enjoyed XIII though.

          I found it completely sterile and devoid of originality. I wouldn't even call it turn-based myself. Felt more like a big Quicktime event to me.

        i honestly find 12 as my personal favourite, it was a nice change of gameplay and a really good take on the FF mechanics. i hope they announce a HD for 12.

          Yep 12 was great made my ocd very happy

      X is definitely more accessible to newer players than the older games.

        It is? OK.

          It's battle system is easy to grasp, it's not so open that it's confusing, but not completely linear.

            Yeah, but Tidus is a doosche.

              Well he is suddenly thrown into a new world where everything and everyone he knows and loves is gone.

                That had little to do with why I disliked him.

                I blame the american voice-actor mostly. Also Jecht is right, he is a little crybaby.

                I like his visual though and his fighting style.

          It is.

          It was my first FF and there wasn't a world map which you could get lost in as the whole game was pretty linear. No penalties for switching out party members in-battle (encouraging you to use them) and levelling was handled well and much easier compared to other games.

          I'm not saying whether this is all good or bad for the game but these small things all made it easier

            I was deeply insulted by the lack of world map. :-(

              Yeah but having a world map often means you're wandering around thinking "what the fuck do I do?"

              I love world maps but for newcomers it's so much easier when it's linear :)

                I think FFVII.VIII&IX did it right. Have the world map, but slowly expand what you can do.

                It's quite a while in before they hit you with the actual size and by that time hopefully you're invested enough.

                  I think VII did it well. If I recall it was quite a while before it even opened up and I was left with a "holy shit there's more?!" feeling :D

                Yeah, that worked really well in VII.
                It came in a lot quicker in VIII but you only have access to a small island.
                In IX it's somewhere in between (timewise) and you're trapped in a small valley at first.

            Time for a list of jimu grandeness:

            5 advance
            4 DS

            Why did you drag me back here...I just replied to just about everyone *facepalm*

      Woot! Excited for this, though it'd be nice to have some clue on release of the game...

      I don't think it really matters whether you decide to play the remastered game or not (unless they've made some drastic changes in the game aside from the visuals). For me (at least), I've been playing the series mainly because of the storyline, the epic music accompanying it, and visuals. Gameplay is interesting too, if you like live turn-based action (hopefully I'm using the right term for it), and the level up/skill system is quite interesting as well, though it is not the same system for every FF in the series.

        X-2 will come with quite a few extra features we never saw in the west.
        X was already beefed up by the time it hit Aus shores.

      Do you like turn-based rpgs with a lot of cut-scenes?

      If you can ignore graphics, Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 are the better ones (so is 6 apparently but I have never played it).

        I don't get the 6 love. It's not bad, but so many people claim it's the best. Both 4 & 5 are way better imho.

          Possibly, I only ever started from 7 onwards so I won't comment on 6 and before.

            I started at 7 too, I went back and played all the others.
            I didn't get too far into 4 before the DS version came out and I played that instead.
            6 I made it til the end, couldn't figure out where I was going and better games took the spotlight.
            5 I played on GBA with the enhancements, and maaaaaaaaan, that job system is addictive.

            6 seems a little all over the place for me, so many chracters.

      FF is definitely one of the more venerable collection of FF titles, and unless there is a -2 attached to them or a prefix(such as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII) they are separate stories and characters on their own and even run in their own realities. In short they have games that have a Conditional Turn Based System(CTB), Real Time Battle system, and the Gambit/Paradigm system.

      FF XII is a slightly more mature game story wise, whose story touches into a little bit of politics, but still annoyingly has a 16-17 year old who sounds and acts 12, and a horribly flawed skill branch system called the license grid.

      X was renowned as a PS2 launch title that showcased what the Emotion chip was capable of at the time. It featured long corridors, a few ope grinding areas, a very fun minigame known as blitzball, and the sphere grid system. However the battles were unpausable since the game ran on the CTB system, and you could walk away make a coffee, arrange a party, turn the TV off(leave the sony on) and then have a weekend long drinking session and the only thing that changes is that you have 48+ extra hours added to your total time played on the save file.

      the community of FF are always conflicted but the best FF games to try would be 4,6,7,8,10,12 in my personal opinion.

      If you have a PSP, then you have to buy crisis core: Final Fantasy VII- the most interesting piece of fan service and a far better product than X-2

        If I were to play just one of the games, which do you recommend?

        And Thank you!
        [I have these platforms PSP, PS3, Vita, PC]

    Awesome! SquareEnix revisiting classic Final Fantasy games should teach SquareEnix how to make a Final Fantasy game.

    i am very essitid...

      I mean, really. Most of the FFs will now play on my Vita.
      So good.

    Apparently there isn't a cross-buy function and it gets worse. PS3 owners will get both X and X-2 in the one pack...Vita owners will have to pay for them separately PLUS no cross-buy.

      Yeah I'm pretty cut about this. If a brand new Sly game can have cross buy, surely a ten year old game can offer it. Modern day Square Enix, what can ya do. I'd love to have this on both PS3 and Vita, but having to choose between them? I may just end up continue playing it in upscaled 1080p on my PC. (Using the original disc before the angry brigade gets here). I've actually bought they game twice already. Vita might be the compromise but then I miss out on X-2. (Granted that's arguably a good thing >_> but still.)

        I'll just buy Vita, will look better on a smaller screen, can play on the train and can use the TV time to play all the new games I have piling up :D

      There actually hasn't been anything announced either way about cross-buy, but I am not hopeful.

      Vita having two seperate won't be a biggie since Vita games are cheaper and if you look at MGS HD it works out as such.

    You would think that is square wants to make a button load of cash they would give the fans what they want and redo ff7.

      The costs involved for a remaster of X and X-2 would most likely be lower than the costs for 7, due to pretty much all of the content in 7 needing to be remade as opposed to upscaled (or remastered if you want to call it that)

      I wouldn't be surprised at all though if Squeenix are using this as a test run, if it is successful (which it most likely will be) I would expect to see more remasters announced, with 7 being one of the most likely candidates

        They'd also have to pay for voice actors and "upgrade" the battle system (something similar to X-2's battle system).

          This is exactly me problem: "upgrade" nooooooo thank you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the game the way it is. :D

            I'm just saying they could improve the battle system by making it similar to FFX-2's (which is, in my opinion, the best battle system. Better than XIII's, as you control all three characters).

              THe animations you mean? Otherwise it was a fairly similarr ATB thing.

                Uh, well I suppose we can call it animations? I'm referring to how the party and monsters attack when their bar is full (so a monster can attack while you're still attacking/casting magic) as well as to how they never go back to where they attacked from (rather than jump, attack, slide back to where they were previously standing).

                  yep, that's what I meant :D

        Naaahhhh, it'll just be XII I reckon.

          XII would also be a good candidate as it would be a similar sort of remaster job that they are doing for X

          And who wouldn't want to run around Bhujerba yelling "I’m Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg of Dalmasca!" in glorious HD ;)

            Also, Japan got a fairly substantial update which included a job system. Keen to try that out :D

      I've always had this thought. They can invest the money and update it (it doesn't even have to be the same as the tech demo they showed off) and they will make a boat load of money.

      They can't. No matter what they do, no-one will be happy.

      Just download the original from PSN, looks great on the Vita screen.
      No need for a remake :D

    eff yeahh!! XD i've been waiting for this! can't wait for them to announce release date!

    No, not that piano tune again, please ;_; N-no, it's jut dust in my eye.

    brb let me cry over this game all over again. Damn you Squaresoft for making me a hopeless FF fangirl!!!

    Also 'To Zanarkand' is still my favourite piano piece from any FF.

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    the other game"

      I hear this sentiment a lot.
      Personally I loved FFX-2, it was a fantastic sequel. I replayed it 3 times. Will be happy to replay it another 3.

        I was just calling on how the trailer goes there. FFX-2 was almost an afterthought.

        I never actually got to play the game though. It was good, you say?

          I'm guessing it actually was an afterthought, they were doing X then at some point realise "hey, we may as well do X-2 as well since it's the same engine" and yeah...

          I think peoples problem with X-2 is that it wasn't all doom & gloom "Oh mah gawd the wurlds ending" it was pretty camp and full of Grrrl power thanks to the all female cast and the whole dress-sphere system. I found it to be far less depressing with a much more upbeat story and funky soundtrack.

          I prefer the ATB battle system over strict turn-based so I thought that was actually an improvement and graphically they animated the faces waaaaay better.
          At some point in the story there is a threat to the world, but much more toward the end as things ramp up.

          I thought the timed quest system was interesting, depending on when you did quests or not cut-scenes could change slightly and you could find extra treasures or miss them accordingly.
          It really made doing a new game+ that much more rewarding.

          Last edited 25/03/13 4:49 pm

          X-2 was purely fan service. Yuna's personality comes out louder as she shows more skin. she goes from a bland, boring, poorly dubbed virgin to a bubbly, flirtatious woman who has a slightly better english voice actor. The dress sphere was certainly the most interesting and almost perverted spin on the classic "job" system that earlier Final Fantasy games used

            I'm a bit confused by what you mean by "slightly better English voice actor." Hasn't Yuna's English voice actress always been Hedy Burress?

            I totally disagree, yeah there was plenty of fan service, but no it wasn't purely fan service, there was a very deep game to be played with just as much content as X.

    Holy crap square delivers

    Possibly known fact regards the Voice Actors:

    For as little credibility the voice acting actually receives (thanks to one scene in particular - in Luca) there is some damn talent behind the project. Up to 3 members from the 'Drawn Together' cast provide main character Voices (Wooldor, Toot/Clara) and also Foxxy Love aka Cree Summer is often featured as a random or npc) and ( John DiMaggio) of whom is Bender in 'Futurama' features as a main party member, so it's not as if the process isn't without some merit.
    At the least, whilst not totally great, the values were definitely there as it did somehow manage to avoid most avenues of the persistently flat and contrarily mediocre.

    Also, I recall the 'cut scenes', exposition, etc being very strange at first play 10 or so years ago. Having put a lot of hours into 7-8-9 through out previous years and having the privilege to blink read the dialogue (text) while button mashing my way through a lengthy repoire, appraisal or a betrayal. The game (which i finished) did seem to draaaaag so much as a result of Squaresofts foray unto a different direction utilising this newer hardware (ps2).

    Certainly it was a strange beast and can see it could be a slight pain putting in a new file of so many hours due to the lack finding available time, but I will pick these up when released, regardless. $60 I would consider acceptable for the two games, my mind is leaning closer to the possibility in a $100 cover charge, in which method will potentially make this a 2014 purchase!

      the scene in luca, the laughing WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FAKE, anyone who tells you otherwise either didn't play the game, or is a text skipper.

      Also, the issue with the cutscenes is that some were prerendered, while others were rendered with the ingame engine.

        I can't believe there are people out there who don't realize that scene was supposed to be that way. *shakes head* V_V

        It is like getting shot in the knee (I assume). Knowing that it is going to hurt doesn't magically make it hurt less. Sure, the scene was deliberately forced, however, having this information doesn't make it any more bearable.

    Looking forward to this. :) I probably wouldn't bother about it if it was just FFX as I have the Aus version which is pretty much similar to the International version, but I'm looking forward to the extras in FFX-2. While the story of FFX-2 was stupid, I loved the game play. The game play more than made up for the stupid story and over use of pop music.

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    I'm sure they could have fit both games on a Vita cart or failing that, packaged them together instead of double-dipping. This was an extraordinarily cheap move by Sony. I'd consider buying a Vita for nostalgia alone (this and Persona) but they're not making it easy for me when the PS3 copy of this will probably be half the price and doesn't require me to dive headfirst into a new console purchase.

      Check out the prices for MGS HD on PSN.

      I think it works out to about the same.

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