Here's The First US Trailer For Pandora's Tower

Wii action-RPG Pandora's Tower will be out in North America and Australia this April, publisher Xseed said today. You can check out the first US trailer above.

With Nintendo focusing on its newly launched Wii U and third-party publishers sticking with game consoles that can output in high definition, this may very well be the Wii's swan song. Farewell, dear Wii. You served us well.


    uhhh, pandora's tower came out in Australia LAST year.

      Didn't i just finish this game last year? is this number 2 for wiiu?

    I think you are a little late to the party Jason, this game has been out since April last year.

      Looks like it was added to the Aus article. Jason's original has no mention of Australia. -

      Much like Xenoblade Saga it got a European release which we got long before the US got it. This must have been one of the games that skipped the US.

    Damnit Jason, you had ONE job.

    It does say "US trailer". Had no idea the yanks had to wait so long.

    Confused why other sites mention it to be 'released' yet as well?

    Last edited 12/03/13 12:49 pm

    Shame that most US players will probably look past this game, I have to say I was extremely surprised and satisfied with Pandora's Tower! One of the few games I had to sit down and play absolutely every day until I finished it.

    Being a US Wii/Wii U owner I've been waiting for this one. Finally project rainfall is complete.

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