Here's What I Want From BioShock Infinite's DLC

It’s already known that BioShock Infinite will have DLC packs at some point in the coming months. Irrational Games hasn’t said yet what the add-ons are going to be but, with no multiplayer component to Infinite, there’s a chance that these might be story-centric add-ons like the excellent Minerva’s Den DLC for BioShock 2.

At times, the singleplayer campaign in BioShock Infinite is like a roller coaster ride in an amusement park. It zips past things you’d like to see and explore but the damned momentum flings you past those attractions, leaving you to only wonder at what they might be like. Below, I name a few elements of BioShock Infinite that I’d like to experience in deeper fashion.

These are spoilers so stop reading now if you don’t want anything ruined for you.

The Ballad of Daisy Fitzroy Of the various characters Booker and Elizabeth meets in Columbia, Daisy Fitzroy might be the most fascinating. In events preceding the game, she goes from slave to revolutionary, in a character arc that echoes the lives of Harriet Tubman, John Brown and Fidel Castro. I’d love to see how Daisy went from servant to insurgent after she’d been framed for a crime she didn’t commit. She probably had to carve a bloody path to amass the army that becomes the Vox Populi so opportunities for action would likely be plentiful.

Alternate Realities

Elizabeth’s supernatural power pull things from other planes of existence, which lets her help you out in combat. But, by the end of the game, she has access to a whole landscape of doors to other might-have-beens. Since she’s able to travel backwards and sideways into time and space, Irrational could put the game’s lead duo into a continuum where things play out differently.

A return to Rapture

The glimpse that we get of Andrew Ryan’s underwater city is a short, tantalising tease, surely meant to invoke nostalgia for fans of the first BioShock. But the dialogue in this moment hints at a connection that you don’t get to experience first-hand. Even if there’s n new narrative to be told in Rapture, it’d be a great battlefield for Booker and Elizabeth to face off against a combo of enemies from BioShock and BioShock Infinite.

Have you finished BioShock Infinite yet? What do you want to see from the upcoming DLC?



    I would like alternate reality scenarios tbh. I want to experience more of what if scenarios within Columbia with different iterations. It would also be great even if we had a choice in whether we actually want to stay one version or tear into another one. There could be maybe 3-4 different alternating scenarios?

    Another DLC could be the 'Infinite' mode which would be adding more districts to the game and make the maps randomly generate. What I mean is that, each playthrough, the non-key sections, new battlefields, could be added by alternating the paths. Like how there are dead-ends because of modular nature of Columbia. We could see different versions of the city with different pathways connected, and the ones that exist being closed off which would take us to different grounds to have different types of battles etc. This would immensely increase the replay value imo.

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    "But the dialogue in this moment hints at a connection that you don’t get to experience first-hand."

    Playing through the original Bioshock (a parallel could also be made for Bioshock2) is you experiencing the connection first hand, only you don't know it until it's explained in Infinite.

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    What I want is another ending...

      Agree. The ending to Bioshock was huge let down. It was all over the place and frankly a bit of a mess.

      You cannot be serious!

        I am, that ending really pissed me off.

          Quick, make a bunch of cupcakes and send them to irrational and 2k

          The ending was absolutely brilliant. Don't hate it just because you didn't understand it.

            You know, this is the most worrying thing about this ending. Many hipsters are going to use it to feel better about themselves and if they come across someone who doesn't like it, reassures themself that the other person just, "doesn't get it".

            The ending is supposed to provoke conversation you know...

              I agree with this, but at the same time I don't want people to be discouraged from enjoying the amazing final moments of the game, if they didn't understand it.
              Yes, it was a confusing ending, but when the pieces are put together it is an amazing, thought provoking finale.
              When I came to the conclusion of the game, I didn't grasp it 100%, I took to discussion with friends and other people in the same boat as me who had their own theories and questions.
              That is the brilliance of the ending.
              You don't simply get a straight up common ending. Make it your own, discuss it and enjoy the experience the game has set out to deliver!

    Really interested to see how they work the DLC after that ending.

      What sucks is that because of that ending they can literally do whatever they want with DLC, even if its completely out of context and doesn't make sense.

        No they can't.

        Elizabeth died and Columbia never existed. If they were to do DLC it would have to take place before the end of the game.

          Close, but not exactly.

          A single time line does contain both post-baptism Booker and Anna as shown in the scene after the credits, so Elizabeth does still exist only without the crazy powers as the time loop would never take place. Also, Columbia was originally commissioned and built under the American Government, Comstock only later took control and "stole" the city, so it's feasible that some form of Columbia would still exist.

          Any DLC would need to be based pre-ending though, unless they take the route of exploring the other lighthouses, though I assume this would rather be saved for future Bioshock games (C'mon city on the Sun or deep underground.)

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            Anna is technically a completely different person than Elizabeth as they have very different lives so I wasn't counting that.
            Also Columbia was founded by Comstock so I doubt it would exist. The game even states he came up with the idea after he was reborn. Comstock was commissioned as the head and then eventually seceded from America.

              One thing I want to know is if the Luteces still exist in their 'dead' form. They would still have discovered the tears in human form but did their 'dead' form vanish at the end of the game?

          Not really, that is still one of the possibilities!

    As lame as it may sound... I want an alternate reality where Booker and Elizabeth aren't related at all, and end up as a couple...

    What I'd really like to see is...
    DLC starting from the post-credits scene of the game.
    You play as Booker DeWitt, single father. The 2 hour DLC takes you through the struggles of Booker as he adjusts to caring for a child without the use of guns, heavy weaponry or magic powers. Will you become father of the year, or end up selling her (again) to pay off your gambling debts? Only you can decide.

    All I really wanted was for Booker and Elizabeth to go to 1912's Paris.

      i was hoping that would be the ending you and elizabeth go to paris and all that epic stuff not some confusing but yet mind blowing ending but i guess it will do

      Would hope that the last bit of dlc might have a bit of fan service & there'll be a glimpse of Booker & Anna 20 years later sitting at a cafe near the Eiffel tower or something. Could work if you subscribe to the theory that Booker exists with Comstock dead after the baptism.

    Hmmmmm kay. Well, Daisy wasn't a slave, she was just a servant who was disrespected by her employer for her race. But that besides the point-
    Revolutionaries like Harriet Tubman (she wasn't a revolutionary so much, but... no, okay) and John Brown (he was pretty damn revolutionary but never discriminated against) and... Fidel Castro.
    Castro was the bastard child of a wealthy lawyer who couldn't keep it in his pants. He had a great education and a free ride to law school. He was, however, as vicious as Daisy was.

      Daisy was definitely a slave. They mention the use of slave labour repeatedly in the game. They also have Irish slaves too.

        Were they actually slaves or just workers that are horribly abused? I got the idea that they were just horribly underpaid and horribly treated workers where such treatment is justified because of their race. Might be wrong, just don't remember any overt mentions of slaves (I guess apart from right at the beginning in the voxophone saying that they are leasing the black labour from some guy in Georgia.

          LoL its like you were listening to all that propaganda in the background and believed it.
          They aren't slaves, they are just workers. Why should you want to be a lion and put up with all that stress.

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            I think by definition if you are paid for your labour (however little that pay is) you aren't a slave. And the workers in Finkton were paid, all be it in company tokens.

              I think the definition is based on ownership rather than pay. A slave is property - paying in tokens that can only be spent on a limited range of products isn't that different from claiming you pay your slaves because they are fed.

                The finkton workers are clearly employed though - when you enter finkton there's that thing saying that there are no jobs available - and they do that weird auction thing for work in finkton itself. Just because he is the only person hiring people doesn't make it that he owns them :\

                Not sure about the other workers you find around the place though.

          This is my bad - I misinterpreted the first audiolog. They weren't slaves - the game was actually trying to capture the workers rights movement.

    Here is what I want from the DLC.

    MORE. NOW.


    I don't know if I can wait, I might have to play it through again. Loved it.

    There needs to be a DLC about how the Song Bird came to be, and the story needs to include how he/she developed a close bond with Elizabeth through the years. Maybe even that he/she used to be a real person and sacrificed it's humanity to become her protector.

    Wouldn't it be awesome if Lady Comstock somehow became song-bird by jumping from another universe where she loved and lost Elizabeth?

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    I want a DLC where Elizabeth is a Disney Princess. (Heck she can already sing to birds a la Cinderella)

    I just wish they could get to go to Paris. That's all Elizabeth really wanted. Instead she had herself get erased from existence. I wish they'd made it a choice ending where you choose whether or not you want to kill Comstock at the end, where if you decide to kill him it's this ending, or you just leave with Elizabeth and go to Paris and live happily ever after!

    Well there already is an alternative story to be told:
    Right after Elizabeth opens the second tear in Finkton to the reality where the weapon machines weren't locked up, we entered a reality where Elizabeth was originally moved from the tower at the beging of the game, Booker never met her and he fell in with the Vox Populi and subsequently died a hero. That could be one the of the DLC's right there!

    I don't know what I want from the DLC-
    The game was perfect on its own.
    I didn't feel rushed I took my time exploring.

    Is adding the ability to Save a DLC option? Because that's my only downfall.
    I didn't have any graphic or technical issues. I found one time when I replayed from a Save Point it started to far back, after that because it was the Easter weekend and I was shaped anyway, I just left the game running, went to the menu to pause, turned off the monitor and did other stuff till I was ready to resume gaming.

    The ending I loved. I loved that the combat was over and she was leading me to our fate.
    Trying to including fighting in rapture or any of those alternative worlds would kind of ruin that for me.

    They was talk of an Alternative Dewit that fought in the revolution that was then killed. Playing as him could be something, but I don't know if I care for that as we already had a small taste of that.

    But didn't get enough of that giant bird. Want more of that, don't know how.

    Best DLC I think would be:

    The Songbird was Fink's idea after viewing a tear to Rapture. He got the idea after seeing a Big Daddy act as a protector to a little sister. How cool would it be if we got to the point where Elizabeth is burning New York and she says "Songbird always stops you" and then instead of sending us back to 1912 she sends us to Rapture to stop the event that was viewed by Fink (I.E. the Big Daddy and little Sister that was viewed through the tear. This way you get Songbird's history and a return to Rapture. I'd love that.

    Sorry. An Addendum to my DLC idea:

    If you kill the big daddy that Fink saw you would effectively prevent Songbird from being created thus saving Elizabeth without the events of 1984 and the burning of New York ever transpiring

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