Hilarious Dramatic Reading Of Bioshock Infinite's YouTube Comments

The next title from Ken Levine and Irrational Games finally comes out next week. But the hype cycle for the next BioShock game has been spinning for a long while and people have been spouting out opinions every since the very first glimpse of BioShock Infinite. This video animates a bunch of vulgar, misinformed and straight-up weird YouTube comments about the game, with hilarious, dead-on voice acting bringing the trollery to life.

Can't wait to see what these folks think once the game is out...


    Holy shit crap is this one for real? Really? A real person?? WITH A BRAIN! WHO EXISTS?!

      Yeah I lost my shit at that one.

        Does anyone else find it funny that a video mocking YouTube comments made by idiots would have a comments section where idiots would comment about how much smarter they are then the others?

    These people are why the aliens wont come and give us the secrets to interdimensional time travel.

    Also the gamyplay is game is game guy has a point. The gameplay is the game is the game is the game!!!
    FNuck yeah USA

    education has really failed some people

      More a case of evolution no longer doing it's job properly, I think.

      If it was allowed to work the way it's supposed to then all those people would have been eaten by sabre-tooth tigers by now.

        more evidence that Idiocracy was a true vision of the future

        Last edited 19/03/13 2:29 pm

        I fully support Braaains' call for the genetic engineering of sabre-toothed tigers.

    This is what happens when you drop your baby on its head. I feel sorry for the next generation :(

    i lost it at:

    "dont judge a game by its gameplay? are you fucking serious! gameplay is what games a game a game you stupid twat."

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